Monday, March 29, 2010

My Date Night

My most memorable date would be on Valentine's day "dinosaurs" year ago! hehehehe.... Me and my boyfriend now hubby :) decided to join the bandwagon and celebrate Valentine's Day at a fancy restaurant.

After checking out few restaurant, we decided to make reservations at Pan Pacific Hotel Glenmarie. The environment was superb! We reached there on time and were seated and served. However after being served our entry, problems start surfacing. The wait for our mains was long. When it did came, it was the wrong mains they served. Not even a single apology came!!

During the wait, we checked out other couples and boy some of them really do dress up for the occasion. Guys on tux, ladies on dresses. Some even brought bouquet of roses, box of chocolate ~ basically all the works for Valentine's Day! :)

Despite the awful wait and wrong mains served, I did have a memorable night out as I can still remember clearly the clear soup that was served had tiny tofus in it. It was no ordinary tofu buy tiny heart shaped tofu!! Cutie cute as a ladybug!! :p

There it was both positive and negative in a way where we did enjoy some part of the date :)


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