Friday, March 26, 2010

Lion Dance @ PSD

As with each year, our condo would have a lion dance to have the place filled with "ong" prosperity for the new lunar new year. This year the lion dance was on the 15th day of CNY (chap goh meh).

Luckily enough, the heavy rain that started in the afternoon stopped and the floor drying up well ahead before the troupe came to perform.

From my unit's window I only saw one lion. Was saying to myself "ooh this year cut cost" as usually we have two lions and in one of the year, even had a dragon dance! Little did I know that in fact this year we had five, yes 5 lions!! and a dragon!!

five lions sitting neatly in a row

This year is the first time Cavan come across the guy with the masked known as "big head monk". He's afraid of him hehehe... Guess the mask does not emit "friendliness" :)

Once Cavan caught a glimpse of the big head monk, he will dart and sprint out! Thus for this year's performance, Cavan, myself and Caden watched the performance from the top of a slide at the playground opposite. Nice view tho as we are so high up we can see everything! not to mention we enjoyed the cool breeze.

Hubby had fun capturing pics of the lions. Even managed to get a gold!! (orange la.. :p) The performance was rather long this year. We didnt even stay for the dragon dance as we were rushing for our chap goh meh dinner.

Till we meet again next year lions!!


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