Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm back! + Bento Trail 6

It's been a month since I last posted anything here. Was caught up with my work *busy* *busy* *busy* and also not to mention *lazy!* hehehe.... Im trying reaaallll hard to get back my blogging mojo..

I'll start with this post on my bento trail, continuing where I left off for CNY's break. Here goes...

Bento #15 (vvrroommm beep! beep!! ~ 23 Feb 2010)

cheese sandwich in various transportation shape, kiwi and vitagen

Bento #16 (quack meow woof ~ 24 Feb2010)

animal shaped sandwich, guava and vitagen

Bento #17 (chinoz spag ~ 2 Mar 2010)

stir fried spaghetti with fish cake, mushroom and asparagus, gold kiwi and vitagen

Additional request for morning snack from Cavan

koko krunch duo and apples

Bento #18 (deli rice ~ 3 Mar 2010)

fried rice with fish cake, french beans, mushrooms and carrots sprinkled with seaweed

Bento #19 (breadz ~5 Mar 2010)

tomato sausage roll, donut and gold kiwi

Bento #20 (claypot delight ~ 9 Mar 2010)

chicken rice, apples and vitagen

Bento #21 (oceanic delight ~ 10 Mar 2010)

salmon fried rice with scramble egg and guava

Bento #22 (breadznut ~ 12 Mar 2010)

tomato sausage roll, ground nuts and vitagen

This week is 1st term break = 1 week break from making bento. Hope when school reopens next week, my bento mojo is back as well!!

My CNY post will be up real soon plus other happenings the past month. Stay tune! :)


Grace said...

welcome back!
love the cute sandwitches...

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