Tuesday, March 30, 2010


First Theme Day of the year : Animals.

Cavan choose to be a Tiger this year. Last year he had fun being a crocodile.

We kept it simple. I googled and found a tiger face template. My colleague Alicia helped me to draw it out on a paper plate. Cool yeah, her drawing is nice! Cavan helped to color in the mask. I then stuck the whiskers in for him, tied a few rubber bands and voila! the mask is done! :)

Tiger face that goes with Tiger year this Year 2010

We even made a tail!! hehehehe...... Forgot to purchase manila card to make the body. Thus face and tail will do for now :p

full length with mask and tail

The day itself, Cavan refuse to let me take a picture of him. He wore orange t-shirt as it's non-uniform day due to Theme Day and dark blue jeans. He carried his mask with the tail pinned on behind his pants. Cutie cute! :)


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