Monday, March 22, 2010

CNY 2010 snap shot!

Started my Tiger year with an early reunion dinner with my family. I left for hubby's hometown on the actual eve of CNY and my brother's family, for Penang where they had reunion with my SIL's family. That's left my parents alone here in KL but they had reunion dinner with my uncle's family. Thus not all is quiet for them both :)

1st and 2nd day of CNY was spent at my inlaws place. Started from hometown Jenjarum with 1st stop at Sg. Buloh (FIL's aunt), pit stop ie. rest at our own place in Kota Damansara and ended it at Semenyih (FIL's brother). It's a tiring day each 1st day of new year due to the hot weather. Spent more time on the road than at relatives' house!
3rd day we went visiting to Lai Meng's house (my grand aunt). This year a bit special as my cousin sister and 4th aunt joined us. First time Caden meeting his great grant aunty! We adjourned to my 8th aunt's house in Mont Kiara where we had a yee sang feast and a great family get together catching up with each other. Although live in KL but very seldom we have such gathering, sad to say.

We also visited my uncle's house in Kota Damansara which is very near to my place. The irony is each time we go, we ended up going round and round the lanes. Can't seem to get to the right lane!!! This time, we gave up and used the GPS to guide us!! and the funny part is, our car after going endless rounds end up bumping into my dad's car which is also going rounds!! Not once but twice!! My uncle also came out driving looking for us to lead us back to the right way kekekekekeke.....

~ my brother with Scout @ Uncle David's house ~
~ Carmen with Caden @ SanPing's open house ~

We had a nice lunch there. It's been quite sometime since I had yummy porridge :) Cavan is fascinated with my cousin's dog although he's scared to give the dogs a pat. My brother however seem to have a way with dogs. He can tickled them to surrender mode!!

I managed to meet up with my college gal friends ~ Caren, CJ and Christine. Had a nice catch up with each other and Christine is expecting another baby boy soon! That'll be 3 boys for her!! :) Cavan also had a nice time playing with 2 big brothers, Christine's sons whereas CJ's gal sat reading her book. Gals will be gals :)
~ Christine, Caren, CJ & Hannah ~
~ the boyz ~

The weekend saw the Senior Citizen gang having a CNY reunion plus birthday gathering for our member Hugo and Hector. Their birthday falls in the month of Feb. We brought our own yee sang there for "lou hei" :)

In between, we went for hubby's class reunion, ex-colleague open house and my colleague's open house. Quite a busy 2 weeks of CNY heh. All is eat eat eat non-stop!!

15th day of CNY (Chap Goh Meh) was just another dinner with my family.

Here's to a Tigerific year ahead!!


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