Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bento Trail 7

School reopens and bento making continues....

Bento #23 (chicken patties ~ 23 Mar 2010)

chicken patties sandwich, flavoured cheese cubes, mangoes and vitagen

Bento #24 (golden fried rice ~ 24 Mar 2010)

fried rice with eggs, prawns and french beans

Bento #25 (veggies spagh ~ 26 Mar 2010)

vegetarian (french beans, carrots, brocolli & mushroom) fried spaghetti
morning snack : guavas (every friday is fruits or vegetables day)

I'll be kept busy each week thinking of new ideas for Cavan's lunch box until June-10 where I get a 2 weeks break then coz it's mid-term break then :)


alamanda said...

in no time you can open up your own cafe ah hahah

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