Friday, March 26, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I was greeted by gigantic mushrooms when I stepped foot into Mid Valley's Centre Court one Monday morning after grabbing my breakfast.

intricate underside of a mushroom

The whole Centre Court has been transformed into a mini forest full of sprouting mushrooms and flowers with an assortment of emotions on them.

Behold!! for Alice has invaded Mid Valley with Wonderland! :)

emotion face filled flowers and the tree where Alice fell into the rabbit hole

The flowers were gigantic and I salute the person who sculpt it. Really intricate and detailed!! So real like too! If at night they start to talk and blink, wah that is something to be seen! (alrite, immagination gone wild....)

At the side, table for the tea party has been set-up. Dainty teacups, cakes etc etc.. can be seen.

These are all part of the promotional campaign in conjuction with the movie Alice in Wonderland where we see Alice now grown up falling into the rabbit hole again. Her mission this time is to overthrow the Red Queen with the help of her wonderland friends.


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