Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It was just another day but it has to have a sour end for me on a Friday of all days!!!

On my way back home on Jalan Damansara (passed TTDI's market) heading Bandar Utama direction when an oil tanker, YES!! an Oil Tanker!!! bumped and grazed my car!! Tat fella's reason was "there's another lorry on my left that cut into my lane, thus I cut into yours". Well, Hello!!! it's still not a good reason fren.

Hate going to the police station to file the report and all the unnecessary pain one has to go through to get the insurance claim approved, sent car for repair and being "car-less" for days!! It's such a hassle.

long scratches back passenger door
wide gap between door and bumper
*dots seen in pics are raindrops*

Although the accident happend on 23 Feb 2010 (CNY has not even ended!!), at this point of writing today, my car has not gone thru the cosmetic surgery!! It's such a pain in the *ss filling for 3rd party claim!! I've been pestering the Honda's personnel servicing my claim to get the insurer's approval and hopefully this weekend my car is going to get it's much needed cosmetic make over!


Soulie said...

ouch what a scratch! poor you lah everyday has to see the scratches since CNY!

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