Tuesday, March 30, 2010


First Theme Day of the year : Animals.

Cavan choose to be a Tiger this year. Last year he had fun being a crocodile.

We kept it simple. I googled and found a tiger face template. My colleague Alicia helped me to draw it out on a paper plate. Cool yeah, her drawing is nice! Cavan helped to color in the mask. I then stuck the whiskers in for him, tied a few rubber bands and voila! the mask is done! :)

Tiger face that goes with Tiger year this Year 2010

We even made a tail!! hehehehe...... Forgot to purchase manila card to make the body. Thus face and tail will do for now :p

full length with mask and tail

The day itself, Cavan refuse to let me take a picture of him. He wore orange t-shirt as it's non-uniform day due to Theme Day and dark blue jeans. He carried his mask with the tail pinned on behind his pants. Cutie cute! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Date Night

My most memorable date would be on Valentine's day "dinosaurs" year ago! hehehehe.... Me and my boyfriend now hubby :) decided to join the bandwagon and celebrate Valentine's Day at a fancy restaurant.

After checking out few restaurant, we decided to make reservations at Pan Pacific Hotel Glenmarie. The environment was superb! We reached there on time and were seated and served. However after being served our entry, problems start surfacing. The wait for our mains was long. When it did came, it was the wrong mains they served. Not even a single apology came!!

During the wait, we checked out other couples and boy some of them really do dress up for the occasion. Guys on tux, ladies on dresses. Some even brought bouquet of roses, box of chocolate ~ basically all the works for Valentine's Day! :)

Despite the awful wait and wrong mains served, I did have a memorable night out as I can still remember clearly the clear soup that was served had tiny tofus in it. It was no ordinary tofu buy tiny heart shaped tofu!! Cutie cute as a ladybug!! :p

There it was both positive and negative in a way where we did enjoy some part of the date :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bento Trail 7

School reopens and bento making continues....

Bento #23 (chicken patties ~ 23 Mar 2010)

chicken patties sandwich, flavoured cheese cubes, mangoes and vitagen

Bento #24 (golden fried rice ~ 24 Mar 2010)

fried rice with eggs, prawns and french beans

Bento #25 (veggies spagh ~ 26 Mar 2010)

vegetarian (french beans, carrots, brocolli & mushroom) fried spaghetti
morning snack : guavas (every friday is fruits or vegetables day)

I'll be kept busy each week thinking of new ideas for Cavan's lunch box until June-10 where I get a 2 weeks break then coz it's mid-term break then :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I was greeted by gigantic mushrooms when I stepped foot into Mid Valley's Centre Court one Monday morning after grabbing my breakfast.

intricate underside of a mushroom

The whole Centre Court has been transformed into a mini forest full of sprouting mushrooms and flowers with an assortment of emotions on them.

Behold!! for Alice has invaded Mid Valley with Wonderland! :)

emotion face filled flowers and the tree where Alice fell into the rabbit hole

The flowers were gigantic and I salute the person who sculpt it. Really intricate and detailed!! So real like too! If at night they start to talk and blink, wah that is something to be seen! (alrite, immagination gone wild....)

At the side, table for the tea party has been set-up. Dainty teacups, cakes etc etc.. can be seen.

These are all part of the promotional campaign in conjuction with the movie Alice in Wonderland where we see Alice now grown up falling into the rabbit hole again. Her mission this time is to overthrow the Red Queen with the help of her wonderland friends.

Lion Dance @ PSD

As with each year, our condo would have a lion dance to have the place filled with "ong" prosperity for the new lunar new year. This year the lion dance was on the 15th day of CNY (chap goh meh).

Luckily enough, the heavy rain that started in the afternoon stopped and the floor drying up well ahead before the troupe came to perform.

From my unit's window I only saw one lion. Was saying to myself "ooh this year cut cost" as usually we have two lions and in one of the year, even had a dragon dance! Little did I know that in fact this year we had five, yes 5 lions!! and a dragon!!

five lions sitting neatly in a row

This year is the first time Cavan come across the guy with the masked known as "big head monk". He's afraid of him hehehe... Guess the mask does not emit "friendliness" :)

Once Cavan caught a glimpse of the big head monk, he will dart and sprint out! Thus for this year's performance, Cavan, myself and Caden watched the performance from the top of a slide at the playground opposite. Nice view tho as we are so high up we can see everything! not to mention we enjoyed the cool breeze.

Hubby had fun capturing pics of the lions. Even managed to get a gold!! (orange la.. :p) The performance was rather long this year. We didnt even stay for the dragon dance as we were rushing for our chap goh meh dinner.

Till we meet again next year lions!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cockle Shells

What do you do with a bowlful of cockle shells besides eating them up??

Play "catch/fish the cockle shells" wheee...... *-*

This was one of my childhood past time game which I introduced to Cavan when we bought some cockle shells the day we cooked curry mee at home.

Placed some shells in a pail and sit patiently and wait for the cockle shells to open its clam. Meanwhile prepare a rafia string. This will be used to "fish" the shells out. Important not to shake or move the pail that contains the shells for they wont open their clam if movement is felt.

Patience paid off. Peace to you and the shell for Cavan did managed to "fish" it out!! :)

A closer look now. See how hard the shell clams its "mouth" on the rafia string?

Mary Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row

Yee Sang

Nothing beat fresh yee sang. These days there are too many dry commercially made yee sang on the shelves. One look and you'll see a lot of colourings!

Fresh yee sang consists of vegetables, some pickles and crackers. Mmm yum yum!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference?
(and no it's not my mum!)

Well, have you or have you not spotted the difference and wonder why my mum is laughing??


The story behind the pic and laughter ~

Cavan gave Caden the balloon which to our surprised Caden held it tightly. Mum got our attention and we found it cute of him holding the balloon and thus out came the camera.

Took a shot and found the setting is wrong. As it was SLR that we grabbed, we needed to adjust the setting. When we are ready for the 2nd shot, mum was laughing loudly. It wasnt until after we shot the 2nd picture that we realised what's my mum was laughing at!!

So have you spotted it??
Yep! Caden is no longer holding the balloon with his fingers but with his TOES!! All of us had no idea how he ended up getting his toes to hold the balloon! hehehehe.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It was just another day but it has to have a sour end for me on a Friday of all days!!!

On my way back home on Jalan Damansara (passed TTDI's market) heading Bandar Utama direction when an oil tanker, YES!! an Oil Tanker!!! bumped and grazed my car!! Tat fella's reason was "there's another lorry on my left that cut into my lane, thus I cut into yours". Well, Hello!!! it's still not a good reason fren.

Hate going to the police station to file the report and all the unnecessary pain one has to go through to get the insurance claim approved, sent car for repair and being "car-less" for days!! It's such a hassle.

long scratches back passenger door
wide gap between door and bumper
*dots seen in pics are raindrops*

Although the accident happend on 23 Feb 2010 (CNY has not even ended!!), at this point of writing today, my car has not gone thru the cosmetic surgery!! It's such a pain in the *ss filling for 3rd party claim!! I've been pestering the Honda's personnel servicing my claim to get the insurer's approval and hopefully this weekend my car is going to get it's much needed cosmetic make over!

FIL's Birthday

My FIL's birthday falls on the 7th day of CNY which is also known as "yan yat" (everyone's birthday). We went to Carey Island for seafood this year.

Grandpa and Grandma with grandsons Cavan & Caden

Hubby's younger sister and family was back for CNY. The kids had a blast playing together. I took the opportunity to snap their pics since they are all in my room :)

Ethan, Cavan, Caden, Eunice & Eugene

Look closely and you'll notice that it's all boys and only one gal! Princess amongst the Princes :) Missing another 2 Prince (Wayne and Wyeli) from youngest sister as they were not around that time.

In total my in-laws have 1 Princess and 6 Princes!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

CNY 2010 snap shot!

Started my Tiger year with an early reunion dinner with my family. I left for hubby's hometown on the actual eve of CNY and my brother's family, for Penang where they had reunion with my SIL's family. That's left my parents alone here in KL but they had reunion dinner with my uncle's family. Thus not all is quiet for them both :)

1st and 2nd day of CNY was spent at my inlaws place. Started from hometown Jenjarum with 1st stop at Sg. Buloh (FIL's aunt), pit stop ie. rest at our own place in Kota Damansara and ended it at Semenyih (FIL's brother). It's a tiring day each 1st day of new year due to the hot weather. Spent more time on the road than at relatives' house!
3rd day we went visiting to Lai Meng's house (my grand aunt). This year a bit special as my cousin sister and 4th aunt joined us. First time Caden meeting his great grant aunty! We adjourned to my 8th aunt's house in Mont Kiara where we had a yee sang feast and a great family get together catching up with each other. Although live in KL but very seldom we have such gathering, sad to say.

We also visited my uncle's house in Kota Damansara which is very near to my place. The irony is each time we go, we ended up going round and round the lanes. Can't seem to get to the right lane!!! This time, we gave up and used the GPS to guide us!! and the funny part is, our car after going endless rounds end up bumping into my dad's car which is also going rounds!! Not once but twice!! My uncle also came out driving looking for us to lead us back to the right way kekekekekeke.....

~ my brother with Scout @ Uncle David's house ~
~ Carmen with Caden @ SanPing's open house ~

We had a nice lunch there. It's been quite sometime since I had yummy porridge :) Cavan is fascinated with my cousin's dog although he's scared to give the dogs a pat. My brother however seem to have a way with dogs. He can tickled them to surrender mode!!

I managed to meet up with my college gal friends ~ Caren, CJ and Christine. Had a nice catch up with each other and Christine is expecting another baby boy soon! That'll be 3 boys for her!! :) Cavan also had a nice time playing with 2 big brothers, Christine's sons whereas CJ's gal sat reading her book. Gals will be gals :)
~ Christine, Caren, CJ & Hannah ~
~ the boyz ~

The weekend saw the Senior Citizen gang having a CNY reunion plus birthday gathering for our member Hugo and Hector. Their birthday falls in the month of Feb. We brought our own yee sang there for "lou hei" :)

In between, we went for hubby's class reunion, ex-colleague open house and my colleague's open house. Quite a busy 2 weeks of CNY heh. All is eat eat eat non-stop!!

15th day of CNY (Chap Goh Meh) was just another dinner with my family.

Here's to a Tigerific year ahead!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm back! + Bento Trail 6

It's been a month since I last posted anything here. Was caught up with my work *busy* *busy* *busy* and also not to mention *lazy!* hehehe.... Im trying reaaallll hard to get back my blogging mojo..

I'll start with this post on my bento trail, continuing where I left off for CNY's break. Here goes...

Bento #15 (vvrroommm beep! beep!! ~ 23 Feb 2010)

cheese sandwich in various transportation shape, kiwi and vitagen

Bento #16 (quack meow woof ~ 24 Feb2010)

animal shaped sandwich, guava and vitagen

Bento #17 (chinoz spag ~ 2 Mar 2010)

stir fried spaghetti with fish cake, mushroom and asparagus, gold kiwi and vitagen

Additional request for morning snack from Cavan

koko krunch duo and apples

Bento #18 (deli rice ~ 3 Mar 2010)

fried rice with fish cake, french beans, mushrooms and carrots sprinkled with seaweed

Bento #19 (breadz ~5 Mar 2010)

tomato sausage roll, donut and gold kiwi

Bento #20 (claypot delight ~ 9 Mar 2010)

chicken rice, apples and vitagen

Bento #21 (oceanic delight ~ 10 Mar 2010)

salmon fried rice with scramble egg and guava

Bento #22 (breadznut ~ 12 Mar 2010)

tomato sausage roll, ground nuts and vitagen

This week is 1st term break = 1 week break from making bento. Hope when school reopens next week, my bento mojo is back as well!!

My CNY post will be up real soon plus other happenings the past month. Stay tune! :)

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