Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tiger Year Goodies!

Chinese New Year this year is a big big rush for me. As I'm writing this now, I dont have a single decoration in my house to signify it's CNY!! Usually, each year I'll get pussy willows, the one and only decoration in my house that relates to Chinese New Year.

Well, let's see if I can managed to squeeze in some time to get those pussy willows this Saturday before we leave for hubby's hometown for the reunion dinner!! The house looks rather empty without them. Except for some jars of foodie and mandarin oranges, you wont know it's even CNY if you're in my house! hehehe....

Did some frying and baking. Not much this year as I was rather busy. Dont even know what Im busy with but each day and week is packed and passby rather fast!

Here's some of the foodies goodies my mum and me prepared :

~ Melting Moments ~

Simple and easy to make. Spot the cookie mould presser? It's from my mum's younger days. It's more than 40 years old!! Still in very good condition and working well!!

~ Almond Crips ~

Store bought the ready mix. Just add almond flakes, mix it around, spread it evenly and bake for a few minutes, let cool and taa-da, the almond crips are ready!

I find it a tad too sweet for my liking. Still prefer my own batter concoction whereby I can control the sweetness. The only negative of making my own batter is that the egg whites and flour can be gooey that makes spreading it thinly a problem!

~ Peanut Cookies ~

Made from real groundnuts. It's a ratio of 1 bowl flour : 1 bowl peanuts : 1/2 bowl sugar (depending on your taste) and oil. A yearly tradition found in our home as nothing else beats this cookie. It just melt in your mouth and once you start popping it in your mouth, you cant stop!!

~ Crispy Arrowheads ~

Fried few batches of these. Same amount of money to purchase a tin of this, we can make tins of these!! Saving buckaroos here... :)

So these are our fare to welcome in the Tiger Year 2010!


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