Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Port Dickson 30.01.10 - 31.01.10

This was a short get-away with the Leong family to Port Dickson. Initially we planned to go to Desaru, Johor Bahru as the Monday, Feb 1st was a Public Holiday. Hubby cant take leave as he's serving notice to his now ex-Company thus we settled for somewhere nearer over the weekend.

After checking in, the two boys cant sit still and kept wanting to go to the swimming pool (we had pool view from our apartment). The daddies brought them down to play while the mummies stayed back in the apartment looking after a 6 and 4.5 months old baby!!

~ the brothers ~
Cavan (5 years old) and JooMin (2 years old)

~ the babies ~
Caden (4.5 months) and WenXi (6 months)

spot the difference?
both mummies are checking out babies size! LOL!!
(ppsst... Caden is 8.6kg here)

After the "brothers" had enough of water play, the Chin's went out to have some tea time snack while the Leong's stayed back, relax and had their kiddos take their nap. We ate Hj. Samsuri satay, the same place we had satay previously and pack back for the Leong's.

This time we tried their beef satay. The meat was soo soo tough!! Better stick back to chicken meat next time.

Later in the evening, we took the kiddos to the beach. The two brothers had fun playing with the sand. What else but plot themselves down with their spades and such and start digging!

To the beach again the next morning. Again dig dig dig the golden ooppss... brown sand.

This time besides digging the sand, Cavan played beach ball with daddy. He had a fun time running around chasing and kicking the ball.

Well, where's Caden. This lil boy was enjoying his nap on my poor shoulder. Guess the breeze and waves sound lulled him to sleep! hehehe....

first time at the beach and he fell asleep!

Introduced sand and sea water to Caden on the 2nd day.

He was okay with the sand. Very steady... BUT when it comes to sea water.........

This was what happened. He cried as soon as his tiny little feet touched the water! hehehe....

Dinner was good the first night. Depending on the GPS, it did lead to us where we wanted to go. We only knew the name of the restaurant from a friend's recommendation and didnt have any map.

It was really dark. When the GPS announced, you have arrived at your destination, all I saw was a hut. So yes, there's an eatery but hhmm... signboard, where is it?? Look and look but cant find any!!

Jin Men Grill Fish
(grilled beancurd, fried vege, otak-otak, grilled fish with ginger and
sambal sauce served with lady fingers and fuzhou fish balls, grilled squid)

You only need to let the captain know that you want grill fish, grill beancurd and squid. They will dish it up for you their style, one and only no other style accepted!!

So there goes another weekend, spending it not in KL but in PD all thanks to the two men that made it happened!



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