Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random : Avatar

Me and hubby watched Avatar courtesy of Nuffnang mid Dec-09 :) I was not too well watching Avatar after consuming Old Town's curry mee. However, it did not deter me from sitting and watching till the end with half closed eyes! (the movie was 2.5-3 hours long!!)

The visual effect is great! and the blue-eyed "alien", well let's just say they are cute in their own way :)

While we were window shopping at e-Curve one weekend, we stumbled upon this! Dang! No camera at that time so we left and when we were there again a week later, we took the opportunity to snap some photos and this time Cavan was with us.

Alas the blue-eyed gal was taken away, only left the guy.

posing with the 'alien'

A closer look now......

And as usual Cavan asked why this man he got a tail? blue colour and his ears are pointy!! hehehehe....


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