Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out!

Started off the New Year with Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out at Kidzsport & Gym, One Utama. The 2nd time Nuffnang and Friso has this and also the 2nd time we are attending it. We had a blast the 1st time they had it in Year 2008!

We were slightly late arriving that day and this was what greeted us. A long que at the registration counter!

This time I found that the quality of the t-shirt for the kids are not that good compared to previous. However, the sticker quality where our names are written is good! hahaha...

After changing Cavan into the Nuffnang Friso 't', we went and took the "must take" picture of the day ie. standing in front of the big signage.

strollers all lined up neatly and prettily :)

We explored the play area as the event has not started yet (remember the que outside?). Some snaps here and there at the ball pit. Cavan even ropped in daddy to play Wacky Ball with him!

The event started with the MC rounding all parents and kids up. Tough job getting the kiddos to gather not to mention sitting still!! followed by the usual speeches...

It was then break-up time where younger kids (nursery) will have their activites in the rooms and the elder kids have it at the play area. Parents also have activities with nutrition talk and special parenting talk by Ruth Liew.

I left Cavan and hubby at the play area and headed for the talks. I'm interested in Ruth Liew's talk!

The first talk is by Friso nutritionist which is very informative. Take part in the quiz session and you get gifts! :) Very simple, just answer the questions which is E.A.S.Y. Heck, I got myself a fluffly pillow hehehe...

Next up is Ruth Liew, an expert in parenting and early childhood care. She's a regular columnist in The Star paper. Instead of delivering the standard talks, she answered questions given to her earlier. Found it informative and engaging.

At the end of the session, I took a picture with her! Dont want to miss opportunity mah...

Towards the end of the session by Ruth, hubby and Cavan joined in. After awhile the little boy was restless and hungry. Took him to do sand art as lunch was not ready. Halfway thru, lunch is announced. Cleaned up Cavan and took him to his lunch area.

enjoying his lunch at the children's lunch area

The next highlight for the children is the magic show!

children all waiting anxiously for the magic show to start

distractions for the kids while waiting...

Cavan was all excited for the magic show.....

the magician

when the magician re-appeared in this red robe, he got scared. Few children were heard wailing/crying! Heck, I'll also get nightmare if I stared at him too long and have that image stuck in my mind! hahaha....

the magician looks like something out of Harry Potter

Compared to the previous magic show which is very mild, this round the magician uses real fire!! Very interesting but may not be suitable for those kids who is very young.

Cavan stayed and enjoyed few of his acts before the red robe got to him again (on and off the magician will wear his red robe). What to do, he wants his mummy so I brought him to do sand art again while daddy stayed back and enjoyed the magic show.

The prize giving ceremony took place after the magic show ended. Did not win anything but won in terms of cherish memories and having a great day out with Cavan (hehehe...left Caden at home).

Ooh before leaving the venue, we were given goody bag. Nice! :)

If there's another such event, I'll be there again :) so long as I managed to get the invitation!


Merryn said...

Eh.. I was there too.. in the talk too.. I was one of the few right in front there one.. n err.. were u somewhere next to us??

life-muses said...

oh yes i was there and yes was seated a few seats from you :)

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