Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine's Day ♥ ♥ ♥

Woo hoo ♥ Valentine's Day ♥ is coming! Even more special is that this year, Valentine's Day falls on the 1st day of Chinese New Year!! ☺

I'm not really into celebrating Valentine's Day as I find it too commercial nowadays with prices of flowers increasing way too much and the most memorable Valentine that I could not forget is finding heart shaped tofu in my soup! It's wayyyy too mushy!!♥ hehehe... and all this is just because it's Valentine's Day!


... if I get to spend my Valentine with Taylor Lautner, it will be a different story! Heart ♥ shaped tofu in soup or heart ♥ shaped potatoes, watever it is, it's gonna be a really cool Valentine dont you think so?

Hhmmm...what am I'm gonna do with such a HOT star on Valentine's ♥ day?

B.R.A.G ☚ of course. You are just so jealous rite? rite? hahaha... I think we'll just go for a superb nice dinner in one of KL's hot spot, the look out point where our background will be the KL view ☺ followed by some drinks later on. A simple and nice outing on Valentine's ♥ Day.

Of course these will all take place AFTER I've checked out his well known six packs!! tee-hee-hee :p

Alrite, enough of crap from me. Go check out this new movie this Valentine starring a host of ★ ★ sssss.....


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