Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm a Tooth Fairy

I still believe in Santa Claus. What more believing in Tooth Fairy? Just sad that during my childhood, tooth fairy did not pay me a visit :( and I found out as I aged (not a very good word to use heh) that in reality the tooth fairy is your parents!

However, deep deep down I still believe in fairies :) Thus, coming into our cinemas soon is the Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson. Wouldnt it be fun watching a male Tooth Fairy with wings and tutu??

If I'm a Tooth Fairy, the gadgets that I want would be a tooth detector to detect the exact location where the child has placed his/her tooth and a deep cozy nice dream sprinkles. I would first use the deep cozy nice dream sprinkles and sprinkle it on the sleeping child. This will ensure that the child's sleep is not disturb and with the tooth detector, be able to detect the child's tooth and replace it with a 50 cent coin :) Im 100% sure the child will wake up feeling nice from a wonderful dream and delighted to find the 50 cent coin under his/her pillow!

Yeah, think I'll do this on my two boys when their tooths start to come out. It will be a delight to see their joy finding 50 cent coin in exchange for their tooth!

image was googled out :)


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