Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Genting ~ Awana & Highlands Theme Park

This is such a back dated post!

We went to Awana Genting on 8 January and stayed a night there. After check-in, we lazed around in the room and later in the evening brought the kids to the swimming pool. Alas it was drizzling a bit while they were in the pool but the water is warm enough so it's okay to be in the rain for awhile :)

Enjoyed our dinner at Gotong Jaya, back to the hotel and had drinks at their lounge before retiring for the day.

The next day after breakfast at Gotong Jaya and met up with my brother and sister-in-law (they had prior engagement the nite before), we headed up to Genting's Theme Park. Half of us drove up, the other half took the Genting Skyway. It was the grandparents that took the grandkids up to Genting using the Skyway! :) except for one grandkid Caden that followed me by car.

We bought tixs to the outdoor theme park (Elaine, Nicklaus, Nicolle, Cavan, hubby and myself). My parents, brother and Caden "lepak" at Old Town Kopitiam. Went for a few rides. Can see that my nephew, niece and Cavan enjoyed themselves tremendously. Cavan was particularly excited seeing snakes and iguana on display for photo shoot. Heck, the guy even placed the snake on his shoulder and boy was he steady! Me? I was screaming and running away!!! LOL!

Spent a good few solid hours at the Outdoor Theme Park before we headed into the Indoor Theme Park. The kiddos still has lots of energy while my energy had started to shrink *aiks!* hehehe.... Thus I stayed back hanging around looking after Caden while the rest continued on. Indoor Theme Park is a wee bit boring with slow tortoise pace ride for younger children. Had enough of these rides when we brought Cavan on his first holiday when he was reaching a year old.

We left Genting for KL late late evening and went to Bukit Tinggi to have our dinner. A short and tiring holiday!!


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