Friday, January 29, 2010


With a 2nd baby, I just cant seem to find time to do digital scrapbooking. I've been neglecting Cavan's blog. My to do list is to change his blog header to rope in his lil brother Caden as well and to also post up digital scraps of them both!!

Caden is going to turn 5 months old this coming February 11th (time just past by huh..) and I've not been good in keeping tab of his developments. His babysite is also neglected! hehehe...

Thus continuing from my occasional update on Caden here, I witnessed my baby turning himself for the 1st time yesterday! Yay! Good job Caden! Just too bad that I was not able to grab my camera in time to snap a pic of him on his side before flipping on his tummy!

And ooh earlier in the day at his paed's office. He was such a brave boy. He didnt even shed a tear when the paed administered his vaccination. All Caden said was "hmph"!! hehehe... isnt he a cutie boy?


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