Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bento Trail 2

Bento #3 (going western! ~ 19 Jan 2010)

fried spaghetti with fresh mushrooms, sausages,
mashed potatoes topped with cherry tomatoes

Bento #4 (animals ~ 20 Jan 2010)

teddy, elephant and rhino shaped cheese bread with grapes

Bento #5 (d' penguin family ~ 22 Jan 2010)

we have dada, mama, koko and didi penguin :),
hard boil eggs (car and fish) and cherry tomatoes

My 2nd week of bento making, not even a month! I wonder will I survive the rest of the months. It's getting tougher thinking of what to prepare for him.


Lola said...

I packed myself bento box lunches for work for a long time, but eventually stopped because I was getting so burned out thinking of little things to put in there! Check out the Bento Boxes group on Flickr, they're really inspiring!

life-muses said...

Hi Lola, yes it's really difficult sometimes thinking of creative ways to get my boy to eat. Thanks for the link! :)

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