Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My first entry for Year 2010 and today it's already the 12th day into this new year! I've been busy with school re-opening, work and a short get-away! :) Ohh even attended the first event organised by Nuffnang on 2nd January. The post on this and our short get-away to Genting for the weekend will be up shortly.

Caden turned 4 months old yesterday. Time flies and I've not gotten down to do scraps on him and Cavan. Another to-do list added for me :(

Caden's milestone so far :

@ 2.5 months
- loves to babble and engage you in conversation
- able to lift his head up steadily when lying on his tummy

@ 3 months
- will place his hands on his bottle as in holding the bottle himself during feeding time
-like to lick his drumstick (ie. his fist) and grasp teether/rattle

@3.5 - 4 months
- showing signs of turning but has not succeeded yet! hehehe...


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