Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spanking brand new!

I've been always complaining about my PC @ work. Even when the day my PC crash, all I got was a replacement and the IT guy told me "this is faster than the previous" and it's not even the newest. So go and imagine how fast is the so called new and how slow was the previous!

However during my maternity leave, my PC decided to do some magic show. You see while I was away, my PC was used by temp staff to do data entry and I pity the temp whoever you are for the PC started his magic show by shutting down at his whim and fancy. Yes, total shutdown without warning whatsoever that you would not even have any chance to click the save button!! It will just happen at the blink of an eye!!

When I got back from my leave, I was told about this magic show and I was surprised as the PC was working fine before. Thus I started my work and then the show started again and again and again, very very frequent!! It's real disruptive when you're rushing stuff out.

No longer any spare PC available, finally finally ordered a brand new PC for me and here it is :

spanking brand new Dell Optiplex & my work desk

A Dell Optiplex 760. Not of a very high range but at least its new, faster, upgraded my flat panel monitor to wider and best of all is adjustable and has two usb ports at the side! Cool!

I loike the PC more now hehehehe....


Soulie said...

so now you are very rajin to do work lah? hehe

life-muses said...

em, you guess leh? hahaha...

grace said...

me too me too... got my new laptop today... yay!

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