Thursday, December 10, 2009

POP goes the microwave!!

Spotted these at the supermarket and bought a packet home to try it out.

the wrapper and the content
easy instructions printed on the back of the content

The microwave went pop~ pop~ pop~pop~ pop~ pop and the aroma then started to fill up my kitchen...aaaa...wonderful smell of corns popping.

see how 'bloated' the bag became?
ta-daa, popcorns ready to be eaten

It only took a mere 2.30 minutes and you have your popcorns ready to be eaten. As the flavour that I bought was Natural, it tasted a bit saltish.. Am gonna go get butter flavour and try it out!!


grace said...

oo i like. i didn't know we could find this in KL, until i stumbled upon it in Cold Storage Ikano. It's quite expensive, don't u think?

life-muses said...

yes very very much expensive than those ready made!

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