Wednesday, December 09, 2009

ParenThots Family Day

28 November 2009

It was raining cats and dogs when I was awake at 6.30am. Hope that the rain will stop when it's time for us to leave the house and attend The Star's ParenThots Family Day held at Kelab Kilat, TNB Bangsar.

We arrived there rather early and the crowd is very very slowly trickling in. Expected more booths for the kiddos but nonetheless, Cavan enjoyed himself. I like the idea of each kids getting something for the games they play at the booth although they may miss the target. It keeps the kids happy, mine for one! hehehe...

Cavan tried his hand at tumbling down cans of coke stack in pyramid style. Boy, did he knock 'em down on his 3rd try :). Next up was scoaring a goal. Kick that ball and scored goals!! Finally, went fishing....

He avoided the 2 clowns that were present but always kept a look out for them at a distance (later in the day he was more "warm" towards the clown tho..) Cavan spotted Kumtum magazine mascot "the bee" and was practically chasing after the bee!!

Lastly, we qued up for the face painting. It was a loonnggg que!! Qued more than 45 minutes (the organiser may need to only have the painter paint simple small designs next time to ease the que and the many kids waiting) but it's worth it as the painter did a fantastic job. Cavan requested for tiger from the many full face design and he got it! Check out his poses :)

ngaum!! Cavan the tiger


Grace said...

oh wow! cavan looks so garang ... hehe...

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