Monday, December 07, 2009

The Legendary Penguin

After going through outlets after outlets of Starbucks in Mid Valley, finally managed to get my hand on this penguin limited edition tumbler with the help of my colleague Alicia who wrote to Starbucks and complain!! hehehe...

It was a hassle going thru the outlets and all with the same answer - SOLD OUT! Each outlets I think only carry less than 5 units?? *shrug*

We didnt place much hope with the complain but hey Starbucks is good, they not only reply but found a unit and delivered it to the outlet of our choice for collection! To top it up, they gave a voucher for a free drink, any choice!!

cute boh?

Their Customer Service definitely deserves a mention. At the end, I'm happy with my tumbler, Alicia is happy with her voucher! :D


Soulie said...

That's a cute tumbler! No wonder lah i didn't see it in Pyramid's Starbucks. Hard to get eh

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