Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Instant kuey-teow

My kids god-ma, my good friend was kind to give me 2 packets of this Koka Instant Rice Noodles to try. She's been telling me about this brand and the "kuey-teow" which she finds not bad. Something different from the usual mee and meehoon sold in our stores.

If you look closely at our supermarket shelves, there's Koka. What they dont have is this instant "kuey-teow" tomyam flavour :) It's from Singapore by the way.

the "kuey-teow" looks plasticky rite?

added in prawns and egg

Taste wise, the tomyam is not bad. There's even bits of chilis (can you see it from the pic?). The noodle is smooth but at the back of my mind, the plasticky look keeps appearing in front of me yikes!! hahaha...

Overall, it's nice and I would eat it again but not on a frequent basis. The same goes for any instant noodles!


grace said...

does it come with the prawns also ah?...

life-muses said...

of course no lah... instant prawns? hhmm, tat's something new! i dont think i'll eat it loh haha..

winnie mak said...

i can c sunshine egg too in de tom yam :P

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