Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cold Weekend Get-A-Way

Since the last trip to Fraser's last year, it was in my mind to visit Fraser's Hill again this year after the whole hill completed their renovation.

Started the price checking for bungalows and at last settled for a bungalow which offers RM200 per room. Easier as this time we had a huge group. 2 cars from KL and 3 cars all the way from Penang! My SIL's family came from Penang to join us thus we had in total 20 pax including kids!! If we were to opt for a whole bungalow, there'll be insufficient rooms and to take 2 bungalows is very costly.

The Pekan Bungalow is kept very clean and tidy. The room is huge!! and the bedding layout given is a double bed and a single bed. Thus no one needed to cramp anywhere. I felt that it was very cold this time in Fraser's compared to last year.

After check-in, we went to have picnic at the same hut we went previous trip and then the fun begins...

First stop ~ Allan's Water. Cavan had a whale of a time boating with his dad. Poor daddy has to peddle himself as Cavan's leg is not long enough to peddle. Waiting time is a drag as Allan's Water only has 3, yep you read it right three (3) peddle boats and the que was long!!

Fraser's Hill
12 - 13 December 2009

Second stop, the most awaited stop for Cavan ~ Paddock! Heck, he's been talking about riding a horse ever since Ikano had the live horse riding for Christmas last year thus Fraser's trip highlight for him is horse riding.

He went not one but 3 rounds in total!! Was scared on the 1st round but once he's up on the horse, there's no holding him back. While some went horse riding, the other half went archery. The teenagers enjoyed themselves tremendously in archery.

That's day 1 activities for us. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the bungalow and Fraser's town.

Next day saw us all went for breakfast and another stop at the Paddock where Cavan had his 3rd round of horse riding, lepaking again at Fraser's town @ the famous clock tower and basically just enjoying soaking up the fresh air and cool weather.

15 mins past noon, we headed down hill where we parted ways. 2 cars back to KL and the other 3 cars headed back up North. The KL cars stopped at Rawang for lunch and then it's back to reality for us...

A really cool cold short weekend-get-away for us all city folks!


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