Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dislodge Elbow!

I received a distress call around 5pm on Tuesday, December 15th from my mum. She told me that Cavan cant move his arm!!

The story : He woke up from his afternoon nap and started throwing tantrum. His usual chant of "I dont want you, bla bla" and his usual actions of "mang chang" kicking his legs, putting his hand in between his thigh and sorta "pulling it" etc etc..

After managing to calm him now (read : get him to stop his tantrum), he told my mum that he cant get up from the bed coz he cant move his arm!! My mum touched his arm and he screamed! Got my dad in to check on him and my dad started touching him bit by bit on his arm and each touch got him crying, screaming? and saying painful!

Back to the telephone conversation. My dad says he needs x-ray. All of us still remember very very clearly when my nephew Nicklaus broke his wrist all because he carried his sister and jumped down 2 steps. So it's better to get an x-ray done to see how badly damage Cavan's arm is.

I left my office and met my family in the hospital. The A&E GP checked on Cavan and told us it's the wrist that got dislodge. Told him to check on Cavan's elbow but the GP "argued" that Cavan mostly complain pain on his wrist not elbow. So in a cool calm manner, I told the GP that Cavan did say that his elbow was in pain earlier!!

Fast forward : X-ray done, back to GP's office looking at the x-rays. Again the GP said the damage more on his wrist not the elbow. Okay fine, its Cavan's wrist. GP said better to get the child bones specialist Dr. Robert Penafort to see the x-rays and check on Cavan.

Wait for 30 mins for Dr. Robert as he was having a surgery. He came, saw the x-rays and said the elbow got dislodge. Wait, now what happened to the wrist? He said nothing is wrong with the wrist. I was like okay now it's elbow not wrist!! I believe you Dr. Robert the specialist!! (note : I argued before with another GP and the outcome was I'm right!! thus I'm really losing hope on GP's in the A&E)

Dr. Robert distracted Cavan. Asked him to laugh and chit chat with him and when Cavan started laughing, he twisted his elbow back in place!! and my boy, well he did not shed a single tear, did not even shout nor whimper in pain. Nothing, just his normal self when doctor released his elbow and told him you're okay now boy.

Cavan however did not dare to lift his elbow (most probably he still feel the sensation a bit). Doctor told him you're a hero boy and told us that the part where he twisted is the most painful and he's not even crying or say its painful. Way to go boy!! Now I know that your pain treshold is the same as mummy hehehehe... We can stand pain yah..

3 minutes later, Dr. Robert was playing with Cavan. Gimme 5 and all and he's swinging his left arm, elbow and all. Confirmed that Cavan is his usual self and his arm is alright now.

Thank you to my family, relatives and friends for all your thoughtful wishes, prayers and comments that we got from Facebook when we updated our status while waiting for Dr. Robert Penafort.


Lola said...

Oh no! What an experience!

I have not been particularly impressed with the ER doctors here, either.

Glad he's back to normal now!

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