Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dad's Birthday Lunch @ Ijok

As mentioned in my earlier post, we went to Ijok for lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday.

The journey took about/less than 45 mins along Kuala Selangor route and the restaurant, New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant is located in the oil palm estate.

Besides the beggar chicken, they have beggar duck. This and a few other dishes - glutionuos rice and I cant remember what else need to be pre-ordered at least a day ahead.

This is the beggar chicken. Nothing really spectacular as it come all wrapped up nicely in foil. Not a single dirt on it. In the olden and more authentic style, the chicken is said to be wrapped in plastic followed by a thick coat of mud before being thrown into the "mud oven" for cooking. Once cooked, it will be wheel barrowed out to you and using a hammer to knock away the mud before you can tuck into the chicken. Nowadays, the chicken is served ala "shining" style ie. all cleaned and in foil :) It's basically just herbal chicken.

The mud oven is heated using charcoals and woods. The chicken I believe is burried inside in that pile of dunno wat hehehe...

We pre-ordered the glutionous rice which is packed full with ingredients. Nice!! Other dishes we had were stir fried vegetables, kungpo mantis prawn and braised peanut pork. The crab never did arrive so we gave up on this dish.

Too bad that the weather took a turn after our lunch when we were on the way to Kuala Selangor's Bukit Melawati to view the Selangor coastline and some monkey sighting. Thus, we headed back home in heavy thunderstorm!!

Alas upon reaching Sg. Buloh, the sky cleared!!! We went and got my dad a slice of cake as Cavan was asking his Kong-Kong where's your birthday cake? I guess for kids, birthday without blowing a birthday cake is not a birthday at all :)

Birthday boy blowing his birthday cake

Birthday boy with his grand kids
(note, we only have 1 princess. the rest are all prince :D)

As my dad was craving for crabs and the dish never did arrive, for dinner we brought him for sweet & sour crabs eaten with fried mantou :)

Another day gone and another year has passed! My wish is for my dad to be in the pinkest of health day in day out :)


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