Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas ~ my fav season of the year!

I noticed the past few years during the year end Christmas season, the malls are trying to outdo each other with their decorations. This year is no difference.

Usually, each weekend I would try to visit malls to check out and take pictures of the Christmas deco. However this year I seem to be struggling with dates/timing to go mall hopping!! Each weekend is packed with events. If no events planned, it's either no mood to get out of the house, plain lazy, raining, etc etc..

Not one to miss out on Christmas deco, I dragged my family to Pavillion (after hearing that the deco there is superb this year) and Ikano (since very near by house). Ikano's deco is nothing much compared to last year. I like last year's deco much much better where you see "snow" on the floor everywhere :) Pavillion's deco named New York style is nice. The reindeers looks sparkling nice outdoor. Indoor reindeers a tad gloomy but they made it "real" enough with the reindeer balls peaking out behind in between the legs!! LOL!

Now where's Mid Valley since I'm working there. Day in day out I see their deco. Well they have a castle build in the CentreCourt and certain hours of the day, a sleigh will be placed on stage and ready for Santa Claus to sit and greet children with a photography session. Am still contemplating whether to bring the kids during the holidays (public holiday/weekend) coz the mall is very very crowded then.

I hope that this year my Christmas will be a nice one and I'm able to pack in a few more malls hopping!


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