Thursday, December 24, 2009

Childhood Play

I found these at Malacca's Jonker Walk!! Was so excited when I saw them that I MUST BUY it for Cavan to play. What is it??

I forgot the name for me anyone?

This is what I used to play when I was a child. Enjoyed it tremendously. Cheap fun you get blowing this out from glue like substance. Just squeeze the glue like subtance onto the tip of the straw and blow your balloon. Sometimes you get "leakage". Just seal it off with a pinch on the balloon :) Fun! Fun!

It's like seeing a gem amongst many treasures. Kids nowadays dont have the luxury of playing such stuff. All they have are battery operated toys!!


Lola said...

I think they are called Plastic Bubbles. That's what I remember calling them, and a quick Google search seems to confirm this. Those are fun, I used to love them!

life-muses said...

thanks Lola, now i know it's call plastic bubbles! :) great to know we have a common childhood game across the ocean!

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