Friday, December 25, 2009

Annual Company Event 2009

This year my Company had our annual event, Lunch @ Italiannies, The Gardens Mid Valley.

It was a working day, a Friday. Went to work as usual and somewhere around 10am plus helped the committee with the setting up at the venue.

Our event started as usual with the short speeches by our General Manager and Operations Director. It was then feasting time with hilarious game. We choose our contestants from each table and they had to guess the number of sweets in the container ala SuperTrio game show where wasabi filled sushis are served to those who guess the number correctly!

We had lucky draws broken down into few batches as well as Christmas Gift exchange. I lost my chance at going home with either the 1st or 2nd prize of 32 inch LCD or RM500 cash when my boss called my name at #15!! Year in year out always get electrical goods and this year no difference as I got a blender. As I write this, it's still sitting beside my workstation all wrapped up! hehehe... Consolation to self : at least my name is the top 15 hahaha...

We ended the event around 3pm with group photos. Gentlemen first followed by the ladies ♦ Ooh in case you're wondering, our dress code is either red or white which explains the "redness" plus "whiteness" in our photos!

~ the guys ~

~ the gals ~

All of them left the venue (read : back to work, very hardworking lot!! hahaha..) except for a handful of us that stayed back to chit chat and ate our dessert which was sinfully delicious!! Such a pity for those who left earlier. We did tell them dessert will be served but they were too full to stay back and "listen" to us. So, we the handful had a feast of our own! :p

see the big ice-cream slice? it's yummy!!

the committe plus few of us who hung around to help them clean-up!
**all photos courtesy of Sunny Lui


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