Tuesday, December 08, 2009

and the celebration continues...

Continuing from Cavan's 4th birthday celebration....

Earlier in the day, Cavan celebrated his birthday at school with his teacher and classmates. We did a mini celebration for him at home where his daddy, pohpoh and baby Caden was present. The rest of the family members were not around as it was a weekday.

Daddy got him these cuties - farm animals shaped jelly cakes!

Cavan is born in the year of the golden rooster. Perfect that the jelly has a rooster, so that goes in the middle hehehe....

The birthday boy waiting to blow his candles. Ppsst...I ran out of candles at home thus gave him one candle to blow. Anyway, I think 4 candles on such small cuties look a bit out of place yah?

1~2~3, make a wish and blow your cake!! oopss jelly!! no, should be candle.

Lastly a family photo which seldom happens. Daddy with his tired look and LOL, baby Caden looks *bored*. The only 2 person excited is who else but Cavan and me :p

Oh boy, he is already 4 years old and it was just like yesterday that I was carrying him as a baby!! Time really wheeze by real fast!


Soulie said...

cute lah the jelly!

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