Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!




May the new year brings us more joy and keeps us all in the pinkiest of health!

~ xoxoxo ~

An Exotic Affair ~ Winter Solstice 2009

Before you start imagining how or what kind of "exotic", it's just the name of the place where we had our Winter Solstice dinner @ Hartamas (Exotic Restaurant & Bar). Not gonna say much but let you drool on the foodie pics! :p

I was already full after the appetizer dish thus I only sample bits here and there of the other dishes hehehe...

Happy Winter Solstice 2009 (albeit a very late wish!)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Malacca ~ Historical City

After coming back from Fraser Hill, we went to Malacca that weekend. The reason is to attend a relative's wedding. The wedding dinner was held on Sunday (Dec 20th) thus we stayed a night.

Maximising our time there, we acted tourist and went sight-seeing as the last time we were there for a day trip we didnt have enough time. Majority of that trip was spent sitting in the car crawling thru Malacca's streets due to traffic jam!

1st stop after checking into our hotel (Hotel Orkid - 3 star) is to look for food to fill our tummies :) We went by foot this time. It's faster than driving since the city is crowded with cars, people and narrow 1-way streets.

We settled for Restoran Famosa. Didnt managed to walk all the way to the famous corner shop (Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant) at the bridge for their chicken rice balls as it started to drizzle. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my lunch as it was my 1st time having chicken rice balls! hehehe... Actually next time if I cook chicken rice, I can also make those rice balls, just need to shape the rice into balls that's all!

Tummies filled everyone satisfied, we continued our exploration to Malacca's town (rain stopped, yahoo!!). 1st stop is the Stadthuys or commonly known as the Red Building. It was packed with crowd at the Stadthuys square so we only see it from the opposite road and had our Cendol while enjoying the cool breeze.

Walked to Jonker street, browse the sidewalk stalls a bit and popped into my mum's relative shop/house to say "Hello, see you later tonight" and then we went back to the hotel and got ready for the wedding dinner.

Nothing much to do during the dinner, we started to camwhore with Nicklaus's hat bought at one of the stalls at Jonker Street. The next day, we bought a similar one for Cavan coz he looked so good in it! Agree? hehehe....

Following day, we started our day with breakfast in the hotel and proceed to check-out. Our sight-seeing started again. We parked our car. Checked out Taming Sari (revolving Gyro Tower) and went opposite to the Maritime Museum which was constructed after Flora De La Mar a Portugese ship which sank off the coast of Malacca on its way to Portugal. Entrance was only RM3 for adults.

The visit on board Flora De La Mar is interesting. We enjoyed climbing the ship and seeing the heros of yesteryear and had fun explaining to Cavan the barter system and olden coins use which I think to him they played with aligator and tortoise like stones! LOL!

It started to rain when we were about to finish our tour on board Flora De La Mar. As everyone was tired out we decided to visit my mum's relative in Ujong Pasir. Chatted awhile and they brought us to have Pork Satay (have chicken satay as well) for lunch. Between all of us (8 adults and 2 children) we had over 100+ sticks of satay and maybe 10? ketupat the authentic type!

After our satay lunch, we went and check out Jonker Walk. As it was Monday a working weekday, there wasnt many stalls on the sidewalk. Browse around and ended up having Durian Cendol at San Shu Gong which is a corner lot opposite the Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant.

The heat was too much to bear, we decided to head back to our relative house in Ujong Pasir to rest and let the kiddos freshen up. Feeling much fresher for the drive back to KL, we made our last stop - dinner. Went to Sg. Duyung for the fresh seafood. Satisfied we finally headed back to our home sweet home! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is......

Ramblings ahead *@-@*

You know nowadays I need to think twice, nope thrice, nope I need to think a zillion times before getting something I fancy. Each time I tell myself, go ahead and splurge gal, you deserve it, it's a little reward for yourself, the images of my family actually my kids will be smacked right in my face! Then I see those $$$ = (equals to) milk powder, diapers, etc... Pathetic rite?

Imagine the $$$ that I'll be splurging converted to # tins of milk and milk is the only food for my 3+ months baby and also major food for my 4 years old boy who doesnt take a fancy to rice. So this always leaves me with guilt!! Aarrgghhh...

BUT, I can always dream rite? It keeps me sane hehehehe.... Is good also sometimes coz the more I hold out to purchase the stuff, at the end the desire dies away. So that thing may not end up gathering dust on the shelves and I dont end up with a hole in my pocket!

However, I had my eye on this for many many many months and yes I'm still wishing I own one.

All I want for Christmas is an........

Ipoh Touch

Oh well not necessary for Christmas. It's just that the Christmas tune of "All I Want for Christmas" is so catchy it suit this :)

Try singing to it ~

All I Want for Christmas is an Ipod Touch,
an Ipod Touch,
an Ipoh Touch!!


Im still wishing, Im still dreaming..... [any sponsors btw? :)] one day just one fine day who knows, you see me blogging that I'm the owner of an Ipod touch!

Hey, I've warned you I'm rambling in this post :p

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yummy Yam Fish Head Soup

Had this for dinner yesterday and it's so so yummy!!

Yam Fish Head Soup @ Bekerly, Klang

It's loaded with yam, fish and vege. You can opt to add in meehoon in it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

I was on leave on Christmas Eve. This year no special plan. I spent it at my parents house while hubby was working. What I did or should I say what we did....

Yea, played bubbles with my boy, nephew and niece. Yup we were so B.O.R.E.D.!! we decided to blow the remaining bubbles I bought at Malacca.

No party no turkey this time. Brother's family had a function to attend thus left my family and my parents. We went crab feasting again... LOL!!

This year's Christmas is a quiet affair for us all. Spend it at home entertained by a 4 year old who keeps singing Jingle Bells non-stop!! Actually I'm impressed that he can sing most part of the Christmas jingles and not only Jingle Bells. Way to go boy!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dad's Birthday Lunch @ Ijok

As mentioned in my earlier post, we went to Ijok for lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday.

The journey took about/less than 45 mins along Kuala Selangor route and the restaurant, New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant is located in the oil palm estate.

Besides the beggar chicken, they have beggar duck. This and a few other dishes - glutionuos rice and I cant remember what else need to be pre-ordered at least a day ahead.

This is the beggar chicken. Nothing really spectacular as it come all wrapped up nicely in foil. Not a single dirt on it. In the olden and more authentic style, the chicken is said to be wrapped in plastic followed by a thick coat of mud before being thrown into the "mud oven" for cooking. Once cooked, it will be wheel barrowed out to you and using a hammer to knock away the mud before you can tuck into the chicken. Nowadays, the chicken is served ala "shining" style ie. all cleaned and in foil :) It's basically just herbal chicken.

The mud oven is heated using charcoals and woods. The chicken I believe is burried inside in that pile of dunno wat hehehe...

We pre-ordered the glutionous rice which is packed full with ingredients. Nice!! Other dishes we had were stir fried vegetables, kungpo mantis prawn and braised peanut pork. The crab never did arrive so we gave up on this dish.

Too bad that the weather took a turn after our lunch when we were on the way to Kuala Selangor's Bukit Melawati to view the Selangor coastline and some monkey sighting. Thus, we headed back home in heavy thunderstorm!!

Alas upon reaching Sg. Buloh, the sky cleared!!! We went and got my dad a slice of cake as Cavan was asking his Kong-Kong where's your birthday cake? I guess for kids, birthday without blowing a birthday cake is not a birthday at all :)

Birthday boy blowing his birthday cake

Birthday boy with his grand kids
(note, we only have 1 princess. the rest are all prince :D)

As my dad was craving for crabs and the dish never did arrive, for dinner we brought him for sweet & sour crabs eaten with fried mantou :)

Another day gone and another year has passed! My wish is for my dad to be in the pinkest of health day in day out :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Annual Company Event 2009

This year my Company had our annual event, Lunch @ Italiannies, The Gardens Mid Valley.

It was a working day, a Friday. Went to work as usual and somewhere around 10am plus helped the committee with the setting up at the venue.

Our event started as usual with the short speeches by our General Manager and Operations Director. It was then feasting time with hilarious game. We choose our contestants from each table and they had to guess the number of sweets in the container ala SuperTrio game show where wasabi filled sushis are served to those who guess the number correctly!

We had lucky draws broken down into few batches as well as Christmas Gift exchange. I lost my chance at going home with either the 1st or 2nd prize of 32 inch LCD or RM500 cash when my boss called my name at #15!! Year in year out always get electrical goods and this year no difference as I got a blender. As I write this, it's still sitting beside my workstation all wrapped up! hehehe... Consolation to self : at least my name is the top 15 hahaha...

We ended the event around 3pm with group photos. Gentlemen first followed by the ladies ♦ Ooh in case you're wondering, our dress code is either red or white which explains the "redness" plus "whiteness" in our photos!

~ the guys ~

~ the gals ~

All of them left the venue (read : back to work, very hardworking lot!! hahaha..) except for a handful of us that stayed back to chit chat and ate our dessert which was sinfully delicious!! Such a pity for those who left earlier. We did tell them dessert will be served but they were too full to stay back and "listen" to us. So, we the handful had a feast of our own! :p

see the big ice-cream slice? it's yummy!!

the committe plus few of us who hung around to help them clean-up!
**all photos courtesy of Sunny Lui

Merry Christmas!

Look who dropped by??

with pressie and gingerbread man on each hand!!

HO ~ HO ~ HO


Another year has passed

The New Year is just days ahead

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and

may the New Year brings more happiness and

joy to you and your Family!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Childhood Play

I found these at Malacca's Jonker Walk!! Was so excited when I saw them that I MUST BUY it for Cavan to play. What is it??

I forgot the name for me anyone?

This is what I used to play when I was a child. Enjoyed it tremendously. Cheap fun you get blowing this out from glue like substance. Just squeeze the glue like subtance onto the tip of the straw and blow your balloon. Sometimes you get "leakage". Just seal it off with a pinch on the balloon :) Fun! Fun!

It's like seeing a gem amongst many treasures. Kids nowadays dont have the luxury of playing such stuff. All they have are battery operated toys!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

♥ A Beautiful Charm ♥

My Christmas pressie from Alicia :)

♥ A bookmark Charm! ♥

The charm put to use in my current reading...

Pretty isnt it?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random : Choc Cuteness

Got these from my colleague who went on a Business Trip to Athens, Greece recently. Chocolates in Santa's wrapper. Christmas is just 2 days away!!

Chocolate cuteness!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside

It's back!! Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out is BACK!!! This time the requirement to gain entry is to blog about how we as parents can help to boost our child's immune system as Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside! :)

A child's first year is solely relied on milk. Mother's milk is THE BEST immune system one can give her child. For mother's whom under certain circumstances is not able to provide breast milk for their child, then you would need to look for the milk that provides the best formulation that gives your child both the nutrients as well as the protection.

Good clean healthy environment, practicing good hygiene habits are just a few methods that we can help to boost our child's immune system. When my boy was older and started to consume solids, we helped boost his immune system further by making sure that he eats according to the food pyramid for the protein, vitamins and carbo. Exercise is another good habit to cultivate as playing keeps a child's mind active and they learn thru play.

As they keep growing, their curiosity increased and thus we as parents need to ensure that they are tough inside as they start to explore their surroundings and is bound to be exposed to all sorts of danger, unseen viruses, etc..

By giving them the nutrients and protection that is found in Friso Gold, any child can be the curious kid that is tough inside to ward off negative elements and basically be a happy curious child!

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jump over the moon
I love my Friso with its Dual Protection
I'm the conqueror with Frisoshield!

Cold Weekend Get-A-Way

Since the last trip to Fraser's last year, it was in my mind to visit Fraser's Hill again this year after the whole hill completed their renovation.

Started the price checking for bungalows and at last settled for a bungalow which offers RM200 per room. Easier as this time we had a huge group. 2 cars from KL and 3 cars all the way from Penang! My SIL's family came from Penang to join us thus we had in total 20 pax including kids!! If we were to opt for a whole bungalow, there'll be insufficient rooms and to take 2 bungalows is very costly.

The Pekan Bungalow is kept very clean and tidy. The room is huge!! and the bedding layout given is a double bed and a single bed. Thus no one needed to cramp anywhere. I felt that it was very cold this time in Fraser's compared to last year.

After check-in, we went to have picnic at the same hut we went previous trip and then the fun begins...

First stop ~ Allan's Water. Cavan had a whale of a time boating with his dad. Poor daddy has to peddle himself as Cavan's leg is not long enough to peddle. Waiting time is a drag as Allan's Water only has 3, yep you read it right three (3) peddle boats and the que was long!!

Fraser's Hill
12 - 13 December 2009

Second stop, the most awaited stop for Cavan ~ Paddock! Heck, he's been talking about riding a horse ever since Ikano had the live horse riding for Christmas last year thus Fraser's trip highlight for him is horse riding.

He went not one but 3 rounds in total!! Was scared on the 1st round but once he's up on the horse, there's no holding him back. While some went horse riding, the other half went archery. The teenagers enjoyed themselves tremendously in archery.

That's day 1 activities for us. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the bungalow and Fraser's town.

Next day saw us all went for breakfast and another stop at the Paddock where Cavan had his 3rd round of horse riding, lepaking again at Fraser's town @ the famous clock tower and basically just enjoying soaking up the fresh air and cool weather.

15 mins past noon, we headed down hill where we parted ways. 2 cars back to KL and the other 3 cars headed back up North. The KL cars stopped at Rawang for lunch and then it's back to reality for us...

A really cool cold short weekend-get-away for us all city folks!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

image was googled out :)

Today is my dad's birthday.

He's 68 years old. Very young, very strong and very IT savvy! :)

May you be blessed with good health and happiness!

Since today is a Public Holiday, our whole family is going to Ijok for lunch and Kuala Selangor for sight seeing if time permits. Will blog about this after I'm done with Fraser's post :)

Daddy ~ keep on rolling to wealth be it material or spiritual! (68 = luk fatt :p)

Christmas ~ my fav season of the year!

I noticed the past few years during the year end Christmas season, the malls are trying to outdo each other with their decorations. This year is no difference.

Usually, each weekend I would try to visit malls to check out and take pictures of the Christmas deco. However this year I seem to be struggling with dates/timing to go mall hopping!! Each weekend is packed with events. If no events planned, it's either no mood to get out of the house, plain lazy, raining, etc etc..

Not one to miss out on Christmas deco, I dragged my family to Pavillion (after hearing that the deco there is superb this year) and Ikano (since very near by house). Ikano's deco is nothing much compared to last year. I like last year's deco much much better where you see "snow" on the floor everywhere :) Pavillion's deco named New York style is nice. The reindeers looks sparkling nice outdoor. Indoor reindeers a tad gloomy but they made it "real" enough with the reindeer balls peaking out behind in between the legs!! LOL!

Now where's Mid Valley since I'm working there. Day in day out I see their deco. Well they have a castle build in the CentreCourt and certain hours of the day, a sleigh will be placed on stage and ready for Santa Claus to sit and greet children with a photography session. Am still contemplating whether to bring the kids during the holidays (public holiday/weekend) coz the mall is very very crowded then.

I hope that this year my Christmas will be a nice one and I'm able to pack in a few more malls hopping!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dislodge Elbow!

I received a distress call around 5pm on Tuesday, December 15th from my mum. She told me that Cavan cant move his arm!!

The story : He woke up from his afternoon nap and started throwing tantrum. His usual chant of "I dont want you, bla bla" and his usual actions of "mang chang" kicking his legs, putting his hand in between his thigh and sorta "pulling it" etc etc..

After managing to calm him now (read : get him to stop his tantrum), he told my mum that he cant get up from the bed coz he cant move his arm!! My mum touched his arm and he screamed! Got my dad in to check on him and my dad started touching him bit by bit on his arm and each touch got him crying, screaming? and saying painful!

Back to the telephone conversation. My dad says he needs x-ray. All of us still remember very very clearly when my nephew Nicklaus broke his wrist all because he carried his sister and jumped down 2 steps. So it's better to get an x-ray done to see how badly damage Cavan's arm is.

I left my office and met my family in the hospital. The A&E GP checked on Cavan and told us it's the wrist that got dislodge. Told him to check on Cavan's elbow but the GP "argued" that Cavan mostly complain pain on his wrist not elbow. So in a cool calm manner, I told the GP that Cavan did say that his elbow was in pain earlier!!

Fast forward : X-ray done, back to GP's office looking at the x-rays. Again the GP said the damage more on his wrist not the elbow. Okay fine, its Cavan's wrist. GP said better to get the child bones specialist Dr. Robert Penafort to see the x-rays and check on Cavan.

Wait for 30 mins for Dr. Robert as he was having a surgery. He came, saw the x-rays and said the elbow got dislodge. Wait, now what happened to the wrist? He said nothing is wrong with the wrist. I was like okay now it's elbow not wrist!! I believe you Dr. Robert the specialist!! (note : I argued before with another GP and the outcome was I'm right!! thus I'm really losing hope on GP's in the A&E)

Dr. Robert distracted Cavan. Asked him to laugh and chit chat with him and when Cavan started laughing, he twisted his elbow back in place!! and my boy, well he did not shed a single tear, did not even shout nor whimper in pain. Nothing, just his normal self when doctor released his elbow and told him you're okay now boy.

Cavan however did not dare to lift his elbow (most probably he still feel the sensation a bit). Doctor told him you're a hero boy and told us that the part where he twisted is the most painful and he's not even crying or say its painful. Way to go boy!! Now I know that your pain treshold is the same as mummy hehehehe... We can stand pain yah..

3 minutes later, Dr. Robert was playing with Cavan. Gimme 5 and all and he's swinging his left arm, elbow and all. Confirmed that Cavan is his usual self and his arm is alright now.

Thank you to my family, relatives and friends for all your thoughtful wishes, prayers and comments that we got from Facebook when we updated our status while waiting for Dr. Robert Penafort.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chilled Mango Cheesecake

I ventured into making cheesecake after having "listened" that my good friend is trying her hand, actually 3rd try in making this chilled mango cheesecake. Her 1st and 2nd turnout is not that good. Apparently the cheese is too soft and she suspected the culprit being the gelatin.

With gelatin in hand again, she tried it and gave me 2 packs of gelatin and I tried it too. It was fun and easy as no baking is required. Just mix the stuff up and tuck it into the fridge to chill. Easy peasy

I started out with the base. Blend those biscuits, add butter and press into the tin.

~ the base ~

Next, was to cream the cheese. Add in yoghurt, mango cubes and gelatin. And basically we're done!! Tuck it into the fridge for a few hours, preferably overnight and you'll have your chilled mango cheesecake ready to be eaten :)

~ the outcome

Me not a really cheesecake fan finds this cake not "cheesy" enough LOL! Till the next time when I'm in the mood to make chilled mango cheesecake, I'll need to make a mental note to add in more butter for the base to be more firm, more cream cheese and less yoghurt.

It only took me 1.5 hours to prepare, make and clean-up. Good for last minute "dunno wat-to-make" for dessert dilemma if you're having a party the next day and want to avoid messing the kitchen too much!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Instant kuey-teow

My kids god-ma, my good friend was kind to give me 2 packets of this Koka Instant Rice Noodles to try. She's been telling me about this brand and the "kuey-teow" which she finds not bad. Something different from the usual mee and meehoon sold in our stores.

If you look closely at our supermarket shelves, there's Koka. What they dont have is this instant "kuey-teow" tomyam flavour :) It's from Singapore by the way.

the "kuey-teow" looks plasticky rite?

added in prawns and egg

Taste wise, the tomyam is not bad. There's even bits of chilis (can you see it from the pic?). The noodle is smooth but at the back of my mind, the plasticky look keeps appearing in front of me yikes!! hahaha...

Overall, it's nice and I would eat it again but not on a frequent basis. The same goes for any instant noodles!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spanking brand new!

I've been always complaining about my PC @ work. Even when the day my PC crash, all I got was a replacement and the IT guy told me "this is faster than the previous" and it's not even the newest. So go and imagine how fast is the so called new and how slow was the previous!

However during my maternity leave, my PC decided to do some magic show. You see while I was away, my PC was used by temp staff to do data entry and I pity the temp whoever you are for the PC started his magic show by shutting down at his whim and fancy. Yes, total shutdown without warning whatsoever that you would not even have any chance to click the save button!! It will just happen at the blink of an eye!!

When I got back from my leave, I was told about this magic show and I was surprised as the PC was working fine before. Thus I started my work and then the show started again and again and again, very very frequent!! It's real disruptive when you're rushing stuff out.

No longer any spare PC available, finally finally ordered a brand new PC for me and here it is :

spanking brand new Dell Optiplex & my work desk

A Dell Optiplex 760. Not of a very high range but at least its new, faster, upgraded my flat panel monitor to wider and best of all is adjustable and has two usb ports at the side! Cool!

I loike the PC more now hehehehe....

POP goes the microwave!!

Spotted these at the supermarket and bought a packet home to try it out.

the wrapper and the content
easy instructions printed on the back of the content

The microwave went pop~ pop~ pop~pop~ pop~ pop and the aroma then started to fill up my kitchen...aaaa...wonderful smell of corns popping.

see how 'bloated' the bag became?
ta-daa, popcorns ready to be eaten

It only took a mere 2.30 minutes and you have your popcorns ready to be eaten. As the flavour that I bought was Natural, it tasted a bit saltish.. Am gonna go get butter flavour and try it out!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

ParenThots Family Day

28 November 2009

It was raining cats and dogs when I was awake at 6.30am. Hope that the rain will stop when it's time for us to leave the house and attend The Star's ParenThots Family Day held at Kelab Kilat, TNB Bangsar.

We arrived there rather early and the crowd is very very slowly trickling in. Expected more booths for the kiddos but nonetheless, Cavan enjoyed himself. I like the idea of each kids getting something for the games they play at the booth although they may miss the target. It keeps the kids happy, mine for one! hehehe...

Cavan tried his hand at tumbling down cans of coke stack in pyramid style. Boy, did he knock 'em down on his 3rd try :). Next up was scoaring a goal. Kick that ball and scored goals!! Finally, went fishing....

He avoided the 2 clowns that were present but always kept a look out for them at a distance (later in the day he was more "warm" towards the clown tho..) Cavan spotted Kumtum magazine mascot "the bee" and was practically chasing after the bee!!

Lastly, we qued up for the face painting. It was a loonnggg que!! Qued more than 45 minutes (the organiser may need to only have the painter paint simple small designs next time to ease the que and the many kids waiting) but it's worth it as the painter did a fantastic job. Cavan requested for tiger from the many full face design and he got it! Check out his poses :)

ngaum!! Cavan the tiger

Best Blog Award

I was awarded the Best Blog Award from my cousin sista. Thanks Liza! :D

Simple Rules to accept the award:

- post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

- pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

Now I'm passing it on to, in no particular order:

1. Crafty Crafted
2. Mom2Ashley
3. Graceelaine
4. Felilicious
5. Sam's Heart

Keeping to rule #2, I dont have 15 blogs to name but these are the 5 blogs that I recently discovered :)

Keep it going and stay to 15 blogs to name yah!! I will try to keep on adding to the list as and when I do come across blogs that are great :)

A Tag in BM

This is a long overdue (told you i'm lagging in my blog these days) tag from my cousin and it's in Malay! Let's see if my Malay is still upto standard kekekeke....

1. Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Tak rasa hot sekarang kerana duduk dalam air-cond mah... (hey, I thought supposed to be in BM, what's with the word "hot" :p)

2. Upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Cerita pasal gambar?
Anak-anak gua :) Abang yang penyayang kepada adik.

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Err, dalam bulan 10 kerana masa itu masih dalam pantang tapi curi makan sehelai! hehehe...

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Lady Gaga punya lagu tak tahu apa nama dah dalam perjalanan ke ofis pagi tadi.

6. Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
Jawab telefon and fikir ayat yang betul untuk jawab tag ini LOL!!

7. Selain nama sendiri anda dipanggil nama apa?
Ah Girl, Mummy, Baby, Honey. *ew, muahahahaha*

8. Tag lagi 6 orang
* Delgado
* Yvonne
* Alicia
* Sonny
* Grace
* Darling Candy

9. Siapakah orang No.1 pada anda?
Saya punya suami yang jarang baca blog ini?

10. Kata sesuatu mengenai orang No.5
Sepupu saya yang sangat kreatif dan rajin menjahit. Pergilah jenguk blog dia and beli barang handmade. Ingat beli untuk saya juga sebab Hari Natal coming soon!! hehe...

11. No.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Dia ada hubungan kawan, colleague dan hubungan BGR dengan boyfriend dia la... apa lagi you mau tau? *BGR = Boy Girl Relationship

12. Bagaimana pula orang No.4?
Ooh, ini bapa saya yang terror dengan IT *IT savvy* dan rajin bertwitter dan FB *whoot*

13. Pesanan kepada orang No.6?
Lady bos yang jaga 3 anak, rajin but project decoupage dan sekarang banyak membaking (is there such word as membaking??)

Jangan lupa jawab soalan-soalan di atas dalam BM ya!

Whoa *sweat*, I survived answering it in BM with some Engrish mixed in hahaha....Hope you enjoy this tag ~ toodles :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

and the celebration continues...

Continuing from Cavan's 4th birthday celebration....

Earlier in the day, Cavan celebrated his birthday at school with his teacher and classmates. We did a mini celebration for him at home where his daddy, pohpoh and baby Caden was present. The rest of the family members were not around as it was a weekday.

Daddy got him these cuties - farm animals shaped jelly cakes!

Cavan is born in the year of the golden rooster. Perfect that the jelly has a rooster, so that goes in the middle hehehe....

The birthday boy waiting to blow his candles. Ppsst...I ran out of candles at home thus gave him one candle to blow. Anyway, I think 4 candles on such small cuties look a bit out of place yah?

1~2~3, make a wish and blow your cake!! oopss jelly!! no, should be candle.

Lastly a family photo which seldom happens. Daddy with his tired look and LOL, baby Caden looks *bored*. The only 2 person excited is who else but Cavan and me :p

Oh boy, he is already 4 years old and it was just like yesterday that I was carrying him as a baby!! Time really wheeze by real fast!

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Legendary Penguin

After going through outlets after outlets of Starbucks in Mid Valley, finally managed to get my hand on this penguin limited edition tumbler with the help of my colleague Alicia who wrote to Starbucks and complain!! hehehe...

It was a hassle going thru the outlets and all with the same answer - SOLD OUT! Each outlets I think only carry less than 5 units?? *shrug*

We didnt place much hope with the complain but hey Starbucks is good, they not only reply but found a unit and delivered it to the outlet of our choice for collection! To top it up, they gave a voucher for a free drink, any choice!!

cute boh?

Their Customer Service definitely deserves a mention. At the end, I'm happy with my tumbler, Alicia is happy with her voucher! :D

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