Saturday, November 07, 2009

Of Welcome and Birthdays

We had a gathering yesterday which started quite late at around 9.30pm. The scheduled time was 8pm but knowingly, everyone would be late coz it's a working day except for me (still on maternity leave) thus am "smart" (ahem!!) to line my tummy with some food first before the rest arrive with our dinner.

So what's for dinner? We have potato salad, KFC original and pizza (the only pics taken on that nite!!). Desserts are fruits, egg tarts, corn popsicle and tiramisu cake.

Our agenda, a 5 in 1 :
(1) To welcome Caden's existence to the world
(2) Celebrate Giapy's birthday (Oct-09) ** to which the birthday boy was not updated about our date coz he didnt check his messages and thus missed this gathering as he has other plans which cant be cancelled!
(3) Chee Meng's home coming trip (some of us missed meeting up with him)
(4) Man U's lost to Liverpool recently 2-0 (yep, we have Liverpool's fan)
(5) Kah Lai's birthday (Nov-09)

We had a great time together as usual. The kiddos (Hector and Cavan) and a big kid played Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime and Megatron [guess who is the big kid ~ aka Justin :)] The rest just chatted away....

As the dinner started late, everyone was too full to really delve into dessert. The cake was uncut and I totally forgot about the popsicle!!

This is a virtual dedication to welcome Caden and to wish our members a Happy Birthday!!

Welcome my baby Caden to our family. Happy Birthday Giap, Kah Lai and since "Chin" is written on the cake, a Happy 4 years old Birthday Cavan!!


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