Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Cavan!!

Took a day's leave today as I need to deliver cake and party packs to Cavan's kindy for him to celebrate his 4 years old birthday with his friends. The other plan was to bring Caden for his 2nd month injection in the afternoon but alas his paed is on half day thus the afternoon plan is scrapped off!

Handy Manny & his tools

9.30am and there I was with the cake and a bagful of party packs. His friends were so excited and kept calling and talking to me. Aunty here aunty there, aunty everywhere!! I even got some calling me mummy!! LOL! Some questions/statements that came from the little ones :
  • it's Cavan's birthday today..
  • Cavan, it's your birthday
  • there's cake, I want..
  • wah party packs/goodie bags - will I get one aunty?
  • aunty, I like pink
  • aunty, you give us goodie bags??
Hahaha....they are just so cute!! I even had one cute lil gal tugging at my shirt's hem asking while pointing to the party pack "this one is goodie bag right?" :)

the party packs

the tags for boys & girls

While the class teacher made them line up and wash their hands, I got down to business and unpack the cake. Just love their expression when they came back and saw the cake (I was hoping in my heart that they would not tumble the cake's figurine before the birthday boy blows his candle!!)

The whole class sang the birthday song not once but twice because the birthday boy was suddenly shy and didnt wana blow his candles. His friends helped him tho hahaha....

Cake cutting over, the eating begins. I'm impressed! the kids were so disciplined. After finishing their cake, they will carry their utensils and place it in the pail provided. Those who wanted a 2nd helping went to the teacher and request for more.

Time to snap pictures. Ask them to pose and boy! can they pose!!! hehehe... Hyperactive already now, running around the class and I spotted a boy with his arms around a gal just like lovers and they were sitting patiently for me to snap their pic! *cute** cute*

It all ended soon and I headed home but not before taking a last shot of Cavan with his Nursery Canary class teacher.

Teacher Anita & Cavan



caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

Happy Birthday Cavan!Hugs & Kisses from Piu Yee yaahh! What a lovely birthday you had!big boy oredi and handsome too! joyeaux anniversaire from all of us piu yee nana & family.

Anonymous said...

Cavan, you are such lucky boy, mummy really do her every best for you.

Karen, big hug and cheers for you!

Anonymous said...

Cavan, you are such lucky boy, mummy really do her every best for you.

Karen, big hug and cheers for you!


Grace said...


Wow Karen, did you pack the party packs and made the tags yourself? Must be a lot of work girl! VERY good job. I'd be so envious if you made the cake too hehehe :-)Cavan is a lucky boy.

Kah Lai said...

the cake looks good! figurine very detailed!

Pris said...

Happy belated birthday to Cavan! He's grown so much...

life-muses said...

Thank you Aunties and Cheh Cheh. Mucho gracias!! :) ~ cavan

life-muses said...

Grace - yep, packed all the party packs and made the tags! hehehe... as for the cake, how I wish I can mould any figurine I want!

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