Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Post Natal Urut/Massage = Slimming??

Way way before I'm due, I was already searching high and low for a massage lady. The one I had after Cavan is still available but the downside of it, I had to go and fetch her myself. Timing and distance is not right this round thus I did not engage her services again.

Googgling thru forums after forums led me to a few contacts and I settle for a Kak Mas who is from Dengkil!! The charges are quite reasonable and I desperately need the traditional massage and the hot stone (tungku) which shows great result (ppsst...tummy will go down after 1st session).

Then a week before I'm due, hubby came home and gave me another contact for massage, Mdm Lucy. His colleague tried it and the result was satisfying. I called to enquire and this is inclusive of slimming coz the wrapping is using "cling wrap" and ampoue. Charges are higher but at the end of the day's calculation, it's cheaper than going to any slimming centre and the plus point, it's home service!

Thus, I still had the traditional malay massage for 2 sessions and another 10 sessions by Mdm Lucy (opted for her Indon assistant as the charges are cheaper). Result? I'm satisfied, very very satisfied!!

There you go, I was busy with massages during my confinement period day after day! :p

note :
Kak Mas - RM90 per session (2 hours inclusive of tungku and bengkung ie. wrapping)
Mdm Lucy -Package of 10 sessions RM1550 by Indon lady (2+ hours inclusive of ampoue and wrapping)

tips from Kak Mas:
for engorged breast : Iron a towel and press it against the breast. This is more effective than using a hot/warm wet towel.
for slimming : Get a medium size ginger, smash it and add baby oil. Rub it all over your body (you will feel the heat of the ginger), leave it for awhile before showering it off. Use it daily and you'll see slimming results (ppstt...anyone try this, let me know the result)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across ur blog while searching online for a urut lady. Would you be so kind to share the contact of Mdm Lucy? My email address is tangcaryn@gmail.com.

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