Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eggs, eggs, basketful of red eggs!!

In-laws organised a full moon dinner for Caden at Jenjarum, thus we did not plan to organise one in KL for my relatives or our friends.

Went back Jenjarum on 10 October 2009 (Sat) for the dinner. There were 4 tables altogether. 1 table already occupied by my own family, another 2 tables by relatives and the last is in-laws friends.

The full moon boy whose face had a bad heat rash :( so may tiny red dots all over his face!! *sigh*

Red eggs prepared by mother in-law for relatives and friends....

The next day 11 October 2009, my aunties (7th & 8th) plus Opa Wim planned to come over for dinner. Since its Caden's actual full moon date, we turned it into a "mini full moon do" for him. Actually just prepared some red eggs served with homemade pickled ginger in addition to the usual dishes for dinner.

I'm just fascinated with the red eggs. They are so lovely to look at! Even look more beautiful after capturing it in photos. Agree??

My mum was busy preparing red eggs for us the next few days to treat our office colleagues as a token of appreciation for their angpows. In addition to red eggs, we bought swiss rolls, curry puff and kuih lapis. Hubby's colleague had an additional special treat - a pot of vinegar pork trotters, a special request from them :)

curry puff and kuih lapis ordered from Aunty Janet

I was busy on Tues (13 Oct). Collecting curry puffs and kuih lapis and delivering to, first hubby's office followed by my own in Mid Valley.

I know there's already 2 pictures of red eggs above but I just can't help "admiring" their beauty hahahaha..... Thus, am leaving you with another basketful of red eggs!!


alamanda said...

nice post and the red eggs look nice too .. agree ?

Grace said...

yes agree. the eggs are beautiful especially when in the basket with the ginger at the side ;-)

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