Saturday, October 31, 2009

Valley of the Sun ~ Phoenix, AZ

It was a rainy morning and we left the house at 6.30am. It would be nice to snuggle up and sleep in. Instead, we are up and headed to KLIA. The reason : I was dropping off my hubby for his business cum leisure trip to Phoenix Arizona, US. How nice eh.

He's basically travelling "back in time" as it is a day late there :)

A snap before he join his travel mates and me, I need to head home and jaga anak!! My mobile camera is in the same mood as me ie. blur hehehe....

See you in 10 days time dear and we look forward to see lotsa pics!!

Bon voyage! *muacks*

Monday, October 26, 2009

Brunch @ The Baker's

Sunday brunch at The Baker's, Ikano Power Station.

"It's the small things that give life purpose"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Cavan came home from kindy and I spotted this.

He had Deepavali celebration in kindy today. Cool huh.. I dont remember during my kindy days of such kind of exposure to festivals in Malaysia.

Comical Caden

We captured this yesterday. Found it to be very comical hehehe.... Caden is 1 month 3 days old here. Heat rash all cleared yahoo!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eggs, eggs, basketful of red eggs!!

In-laws organised a full moon dinner for Caden at Jenjarum, thus we did not plan to organise one in KL for my relatives or our friends.

Went back Jenjarum on 10 October 2009 (Sat) for the dinner. There were 4 tables altogether. 1 table already occupied by my own family, another 2 tables by relatives and the last is in-laws friends.

The full moon boy whose face had a bad heat rash :( so may tiny red dots all over his face!! *sigh*

Red eggs prepared by mother in-law for relatives and friends....

The next day 11 October 2009, my aunties (7th & 8th) plus Opa Wim planned to come over for dinner. Since its Caden's actual full moon date, we turned it into a "mini full moon do" for him. Actually just prepared some red eggs served with homemade pickled ginger in addition to the usual dishes for dinner.

I'm just fascinated with the red eggs. They are so lovely to look at! Even look more beautiful after capturing it in photos. Agree??

My mum was busy preparing red eggs for us the next few days to treat our office colleagues as a token of appreciation for their angpows. In addition to red eggs, we bought swiss rolls, curry puff and kuih lapis. Hubby's colleague had an additional special treat - a pot of vinegar pork trotters, a special request from them :)

curry puff and kuih lapis ordered from Aunty Janet

I was busy on Tues (13 Oct). Collecting curry puffs and kuih lapis and delivering to, first hubby's office followed by my own in Mid Valley.

I know there's already 2 pictures of red eggs above but I just can't help "admiring" their beauty hahahaha..... Thus, am leaving you with another basketful of red eggs!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mid Autumn Nite

It's Mid Autumn Festival and we are all at home. Instead of bringing Cavan down to the playground to play lantern, we lit the lantern at the balcony for him to play.

This is how he played with the lantern. Took his stool and sit down hehehe... and daddy busy capturing the glow from the lanterns.

I think we already had these 2 lanterns for the past 2-3 years. Must make it point to get new lanterns next year!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Of onion, ginger and lemongrass...

I'm emitting the flavours of onion, ginger and lemongrass throughout my confinement period! hehehehe....

This is what I took bath with - onions, gingers and lemongrass! Boil till the flavours are out, leave to cool. The next day when you're ready for your bath, just add hot water and enjoy the moment of showering....

Another alternative would be to purchase the instant herbal bath (Daifonai, pronounced as "Tai Fung Yip" in cantonese) for post natal. Get if from any Chinese Medical Hall.

Taking bath using these vs normal hot water shower is to prevent "wind" from entering one's body after child birth.

Post Natal Urut/Massage = Slimming??

Way way before I'm due, I was already searching high and low for a massage lady. The one I had after Cavan is still available but the downside of it, I had to go and fetch her myself. Timing and distance is not right this round thus I did not engage her services again.

Googgling thru forums after forums led me to a few contacts and I settle for a Kak Mas who is from Dengkil!! The charges are quite reasonable and I desperately need the traditional massage and the hot stone (tungku) which shows great result (ppsst...tummy will go down after 1st session).

Then a week before I'm due, hubby came home and gave me another contact for massage, Mdm Lucy. His colleague tried it and the result was satisfying. I called to enquire and this is inclusive of slimming coz the wrapping is using "cling wrap" and ampoue. Charges are higher but at the end of the day's calculation, it's cheaper than going to any slimming centre and the plus point, it's home service!

Thus, I still had the traditional malay massage for 2 sessions and another 10 sessions by Mdm Lucy (opted for her Indon assistant as the charges are cheaper). Result? I'm satisfied, very very satisfied!!

There you go, I was busy with massages during my confinement period day after day! :p

note :
Kak Mas - RM90 per session (2 hours inclusive of tungku and bengkung ie. wrapping)
Mdm Lucy -Package of 10 sessions RM1550 by Indon lady (2+ hours inclusive of ampoue and wrapping)

tips from Kak Mas:
for engorged breast : Iron a towel and press it against the breast. This is more effective than using a hot/warm wet towel.
for slimming : Get a medium size ginger, smash it and add baby oil. Rub it all over your body (you will feel the heat of the ginger), leave it for awhile before showering it off. Use it daily and you'll see slimming results (ppstt...anyone try this, let me know the result)

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