Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gimme 5!

31 August 2009 marks Malaysia's 52 years of Independence. We went up to Genting this day as I won a pair of tickets to the Hi-5 Surprise! Kids Show.

Didnt bother to get another ticket as the price is the same for adult or kids of any age thus I gave it to hubby to bring Cavan into the Arena of Stars to watch it while my friend and I sat in Coffee Bean to enjoy our drink and chat while waiting for them. I dont think I'm upto any of the kids dance at my advance stage of pregnancy.

We didnt wait long coz both of them came out earlier than expected. The little one "complaint" that the show was B.O.R.I.N.G and he was not smilling at all - "that" boring!

We went into the indoor theme park and that's where Cavan got excited when he saw the car rides. As each ride cost RM8, we decided to get him the all day ticket and he can have as many rides as he wanted. End of the day, daddy said the ticket is worth it and "fhanpun" cos his boy took 7 rides on the car from police car, ice cream truck, tow truck to whatnots and a ride on the carousel. Total of 8 rides altogether!!

This was the only outing we had for Cavan's August school holiday break....


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