Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A common thingy for all newborns, jaundice usually appear from the 3rd day onwards. We noticed Caden's jaundice on the 4th day. Few days out in the morning sun did not help him much and thus on the 7th day we brought him to the hospital and his jaundice reading was 14.5. This is consider slightly high. He was admitted.

The next day, the reading went down to 12 but cant be discharged as his reading need to be down to 10. Two nights in the special care nursery and Caden is discharged with the reading of 6. We were surprised that the special care nursery was full. More than 10 babies in there!!

It's baby boom time! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Introducing Prince II - Caden

I had a busy week since the last post. It was indeed Friday, September 11th that I gave birth to our Prince II - Caden.

Went for the last check-up on Thurs (Sept 10th) and gynae said I'm already dilated at 1cm. Thus need to admit the next day at 7am (really early huh..) and latest by 2pm, I would be carrying baby. Gosh, this is like early prediction, can also tell me by what time baby would be out! hahaha... All I could say is this is history repeating itself as when I was with Cavan, these are also the day and the same prediction, only that for Cavan the admission time was 8am. What I meant by history repeating itself was, last check-up for Cavan also on Thursday and deliver by Friday and latest time also around 2pm!!!

This time I really felt all the pain of labour and child delivery right from the start when they broke my water bag. How could it be that when they broke my water bag for Cavan, all I felt was just a needle prick but this, this is really painful!! My contractions was quite far apart and thus around 11am, I was put on drip (sorta "induce") to speed up my contractions. The midwife attending to me told me that if I'm not on drip, dunno afternoon baby will be out or not since my contractions is so so far apart and I'm still having it easy! Not even 5 minutes on drip and my contractions acted up... Gosh this is so terrible, the writhing and pain I felt.

Well, by 12pm the real push started and yeah I cried out loud!! What to do, one need to ease those "pain" off rite. Couldnt careless who heard those cries anyway (the labour ward is full that day!!). Anyway, gynae and midwife told me to keep quiet and keep chin down while pushing coz by crying out loud I was wasting my energy. It worked I tell you, the pushing was better this way hahaha....

I was really worn out tired and just told the doctor use the vacuum and suck the baby out will you!!! His response : give you another 5 minutes and if you still can do it, then I help you with vacuum.. His sentence ended and another wave of contraction came and this time, I push till no more breath also keep pushing coz I felt the baby mid way and dare not stop coz I got phobia baby get "suck" back inside (crazy me).

Glad to say that I did it all by myself this time without the help of the vacuum. I thought that gynae used vacuum again coz I thought I heard some sound but he told me jokingly that yes the vacuum was his 2 fingers!! (boink boink his head, can joke with me somemore!). They call this type of delivery SVD = Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. I dont like the full name of it, what spontaneous??!!

Caden is out and it's a huge relief (for my tummy hehehe...). This boy is loud for he wailed and cried quite long while they clean him up a little. He's also good at latching on breast. He made a loud suckling sound which surprised both me and hubby :) His brother Cavan, he also cried for a short while and didnt wanna latch on that time and actually throw "trantrum" for forcing him. These are the 2 differences of character that we spotted right after birth!

I stayed in the labour ward almost the whole day waiting to be transferred to the normal ward. Actually the ward is ready but the patient is not out yet as she's waiting for her hubby to pick her up!! So inconsiderate! So during my time in the labour ward resting and waiting, I heard a lot of cries (same like me lah...) and encouraging word of "push" "push" and also emergency that a woman needs to be push to the OT for ceaser as the baby's heartbeat is going down....

Enough crap above, let's introduce Caden Chin. Newest addition to our family....

not properly cleaned up yet....

with me going home

close-up shot on Caden, all pucker up while sleeping

brother Cavan grinning from ear to ear with baby Caden

More pictures and updates on Caden at http://www.babysites.com/sites/cadenchin/

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Twilight & waiting....

I've not been blogging lately because of pure laziness!! hehehe....

Actually this week I'm on MC coz I'm staying at home and waiting for the baby to come. Last week's checkup, gynae said I see you next Thursday (Sept 10th) if not earlier. Latest would be Friday ie. Sept 11th you deliver!

Since I'm at home and bought the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, I got down to business to start reading. Was actually curious coz it seems to be the "talk of town". Heck, even my nephew is reading it but he only bought the 3rd book coz he said he already know the story on the 1st and 2nd book. Since books purchase is income tax rebatable, why not just get the whole set! and that was what I did.

I'm now caught on the vampire-werewolf story. Surprised myself at my speed coz I finished one book less than 48 hours!! As of today, I'm on the 3rd book and this morning my friend messaged me to advice me NOT to read the 4th ie last book BEFORE I deliver. Hhmmm...could it be that gross coz I actually messaged her when I finished the 1st book that I'm kinda dissappointed not too much details and action...very mild for a vampire story book! hehehee....

Gimme 5!

31 August 2009 marks Malaysia's 52 years of Independence. We went up to Genting this day as I won a pair of tickets to the Hi-5 Surprise! Kids Show.

Didnt bother to get another ticket as the price is the same for adult or kids of any age thus I gave it to hubby to bring Cavan into the Arena of Stars to watch it while my friend and I sat in Coffee Bean to enjoy our drink and chat while waiting for them. I dont think I'm upto any of the kids dance at my advance stage of pregnancy.

We didnt wait long coz both of them came out earlier than expected. The little one "complaint" that the show was B.O.R.I.N.G and he was not smilling at all - "that" boring!

We went into the indoor theme park and that's where Cavan got excited when he saw the car rides. As each ride cost RM8, we decided to get him the all day ticket and he can have as many rides as he wanted. End of the day, daddy said the ticket is worth it and "fhanpun" cos his boy took 7 rides on the car from police car, ice cream truck, tow truck to whatnots and a ride on the carousel. Total of 8 rides altogether!!

This was the only outing we had for Cavan's August school holiday break....
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