Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Petaling Tin "taiko's"

We had a gathering at Teluk Gong on Sunday (Aug 2nd), Klang with hubby's hometown friends. They are the "Petaling Tin" gang.... sounds so "mafia" hahaha.... Well they grew up in this area called Petaling Tin, a former tin mine area way way inside an orang asli kampung.

Met up at Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant. Been quite sometime since we ate there, the last if not mistaken would be 3+ years ago. Gosh, that's quite a long time!!

some of the dishes we ordered

Alys and myself had planned a surprised birthday for hubby that night. This guy was still blur when the cake was brought out hahaha... He thought it was for Justin's belated birthday (Alys's hubby) as Justin's birthday was last Friday!

We left the restaurant at 10pm. It was a nice and fun gathering with surprises as besides celebrating hubby's birthday, we also got to met Way Chong's girlfriend!

And now presenting to you the "taiko's" of Petaling Tin...


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