Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I blew my top!!

Damn! I blew my top at Cavan this morning. He's really testing my patience!! Not only he made himself late for kindy, he made me late for work as well!! Is it because of my current condition? Emotional imbalance that made me blew my top? Not too sure, but I do feel bad, real bad....geezz...

However, we made up in the car but not before I gave him a good lecture on not behaving and listening and little fella's answer was just "yes, yes, yes....." sheez, I hope it gets into his head and this morning's episode will not repeat itself again!

But then again, he's just a kid that's gonna turn 4 years old soon. Alrite, I must keep my cool and be more patient, there's more to come in the coming years!


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