Friday, August 07, 2009

Neck Exercise

Got this from a forwarded email. True and a good workout. So let's give our neck a good exercise! :)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hubby's Birthday

On Monday, 3 August we went to Delicious to celebrate hubby's birthday. Gosh, it was packed consider that day being a weekday!

I'll let the foodies do the talking...

We also ordered a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake which is nice. Pact with cheese!!

Here's a dad and son pose with the cheesecake :)

and not forgetting the rest, a group photo

Just a simple dinner to celebrate hubby's birthday. And now dear, you're a year wiser! :)

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Petaling Tin "taiko's"

We had a gathering at Teluk Gong on Sunday (Aug 2nd), Klang with hubby's hometown friends. They are the "Petaling Tin" gang.... sounds so "mafia" hahaha.... Well they grew up in this area called Petaling Tin, a former tin mine area way way inside an orang asli kampung.

Met up at Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant. Been quite sometime since we ate there, the last if not mistaken would be 3+ years ago. Gosh, that's quite a long time!!

some of the dishes we ordered

Alys and myself had planned a surprised birthday for hubby that night. This guy was still blur when the cake was brought out hahaha... He thought it was for Justin's belated birthday (Alys's hubby) as Justin's birthday was last Friday!

We left the restaurant at 10pm. It was a nice and fun gathering with surprises as besides celebrating hubby's birthday, we also got to met Way Chong's girlfriend!

And now presenting to you the "taiko's" of Petaling Tin...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I blew my top!!

Damn! I blew my top at Cavan this morning. He's really testing my patience!! Not only he made himself late for kindy, he made me late for work as well!! Is it because of my current condition? Emotional imbalance that made me blew my top? Not too sure, but I do feel bad, real bad....geezz...

However, we made up in the car but not before I gave him a good lecture on not behaving and listening and little fella's answer was just "yes, yes, yes....." sheez, I hope it gets into his head and this morning's episode will not repeat itself again!

But then again, he's just a kid that's gonna turn 4 years old soon. Alrite, I must keep my cool and be more patient, there's more to come in the coming years!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Little Ben Cafe @ Kota Kemuning

We went to Kota Kemuning yesterday to try out this cafe called Little Ben ("Siu Dong Ka") for lunch. Their menu items are all priced below RM10! Food served is pork and lard free.

Hubby had their Nasi Dagang with Rendang Chicken. I like this nasi dagang better than the one I tried in Chukai. Most probably the one in Chukai was pre-packed whereas this is fresh from the kitchen. Overall, very yummy and would definitely order this again when I'm there.

I on the other hand tried their Sailor Curry Mee which is actually "pan mee". The mee is really smooth and this dish comes with "fu chuk", brinjals, "tow pock", long beans and chicken meat. Not spicy at all and non-oily. Even Cavan can eat and drink the soup without going for a sip of drink after each spoonful!

Their signature Hot Lemongrass drink is good which comes with a stalk of lemongrass as stirrer. The other drink we had was black & white, a normal soya milk with cincau..

We had dessert. Tried their "Mango Bell" dessert which is actually blueberry crumble with few slices of mango on top that comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Was advise to eat the cake with the ice-cream as the cake may be a bit dry. Since Cavan had most of the ice-cream, I find eating the cake alone tastes as good too. They have 20% on all coffees during tea time (2pm - 4pm). We ordered a glass of hot cappuccino as well.

While dining, we got free tasting of their durian-durian cupcakes. Selling at RM3.90 for one piece and RM10 for 3 pieces. Really oommphh with durian. Ended up we bought 3 pieces to take home. Apparently, this durian-durian cupcakes is only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The ambience is great with modern contemporary furnitures. They even had free wifi and we spotted 3 computers available for you to surf the net!

Would definitely drop by Little Ben again if not for the distance as Kota Kemuning is kinda far for us. But then again, we can make a detour there while on the way back to hubby's hometown :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Singapore's Loot!!

Here are the loot hubby brought back home. I didn't put in anything for myself in the list. All the stuff are for the kids ~ Cavan and the coming baby :) Thus, I was totally surprised and happy that hubby bought me a Charles & Keith bag. Totally didn't expect it at all!!

Among the stuff are Avent bottles and teats (cheaper there even after discount in KL), laptop backpack, magnets, long and capri pants for Cavan, t-shirts for Cavan, hubby's t-shirts, 2 bottles of CK Be which is totally a good bargain amongst all the stuff and last but not least, my new handbag! hehehe....

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