Friday, July 24, 2009

Vegetarian Gathering

I seem to be blogging a week after attending events...but it's better late than never!

We decided to go vegetarian this round for our gathering and choose a vegetarian restaurant "Ling Chi" in Metro Prima Kepong. Foodwise ok, maybe I was extremely hungry as we only started our dinner around 8.45pm. Towards the end, one member still not here yet and when he finally arrives at 9.30pm he brought his girlfriend and the dishes that we "kept" for him is insufficient thus he ordered butter prawns and we got our chance to taste another dish! :)

Asam fish, baby kailan, curry mutton, stir fry lotus dish, beancurd and mushroom

butter prawns

After dinner, proceeded to Station 1 Cafe nearby for drinks and to celebrate Sandy's birthday (month of July) and since we dont really come out that often to celebrate each other's birthday, we got another slice of cake for my hubby (month of August). Thus it became a gathering plus simple birthday celebration for two!
I found Station 1 Cafe too noisy for me as baby in tummy kept on moving about which makes me sit rather uncomfortably. My energy for that day totally drained off and by the time we reached home it was midnite. Changed and settled Cavan for bed and once my head touched the pillows I'm off to dreamland myself!

There's talk to have another gathering before I go into prison (confinement) mode. Hope this time the gathering takes place much earlier as my physical body now at 7 months+ pregnant can't take these kind of long days anymore...


grace said...

wah yummie!!! i have to stop looking and reading abt food!
last night, Mako commented that everytime a dish is served everyone takes out their cameras to snap! it's becoming a very popular trend! hehe...

when r u due?

life-muses said...

true, it's turning into food paparazzi!! hahaha...

i'm due end of Sept :)

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