Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teppanyaki Ice-Cream Anyone?

Nowadays there's all sort of name to attract you to try something that has been here ages and known very simply as Ice-Cream.

During our weekend outing, we stumbled across this Teppanyaki Ice-cream durian flavour. Actually, it's the durian that caught lil' Cavan's attention not the teppanyaki style. To him ice-cream is just well ice-cream!!

So we ordered one scoop of this teppanyaki durian ice-cream for him which cost RM4 (on promo now). Normal price is RM6+

This is how they teppan style the ice cream. Take some of the ice-cream from the heap on the cold plate.

Scrap it about ie. cook it and spread it thinly and evenly across the cold plate. Once satisfied....

Gather is all together again. Note that it's now not just a heap, but rather a delightful look of thinly scrapped ice-cream flakes.

Place it in the cup and voila! you have your teppanyaki ice-cream! cooked right in front of you minus the smoke!! :p

And here is lil' Cavan enjoying his ice-cream, teppan style!


Pris said...

interesting..looks like a korean style ice-cream i've seen on TV, hehehe

grace & the happy dog said...

wonderful! ask Andrew abt his teppanyaki ice-cream experience in dubai... ;-)

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