Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EZ Pea-sy Baked Chicken Dinner

Running out of ideas and tired of rice or noodles? Go western!

Chicken can be marinated days before. Just pop it into the oven and while it's baking, whipped up the salads and voila!! ~ you have this for dinner...

Baked chicken with sidelines of potato and garden salad

Thus you get your greens, protein and carbo packed dinner on a working day. Fast easy and quick!

EZ Pea-sy yum~yum yeah!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interesting Video

An interesting video I got from a friend few months back. Yeah, now only start to clear some fwded emails!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Have a Gud Trip Dear...

Hubby flew off to Singapore today to attend a 4-days training. We sent him off at Subang Airport and went he and his colleague went into the departure hall, brought Cavan to the viewing deck to see aeroplanes.

There's no chairs at the viewing deck (maybe too new? as they just revamped the whole terminal) and no aeroplanes at all!! After a few minutes just standing and checking out the view which consists of backs of building ('s not a clear sight at the viewing deck unlike KLIA), an aircraft was spotted and this is the aircraft that hubby's gonna board - FireFly.

We were there until Cavan saw daddy walked to the aircraft then we left...

queing at the check-in counter and Cavan is already feeling
sad coz daddy wont be around the next few days

Have a good trip dear and happy shopping!!'s the last day of Singapore Sales today and yep, hubby is equipped with my list of stuff to purchase :p

Happy Birthday Mum!

23 July was mummy's birthday. We had a family dinner over the weekend to celebrate her birthday. A really simple dinner as she did not want any fancy restaurant.

On the actual day itself, bought her a slice of Strawberry Shortcake from Pastis @ The Gardens. The cake is good!

Happy Birthday and Many Many More Returns of the Day!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mamil Mama Gold Club Public Forum 2009

Shaping Your Child's Best Future ~ this is the topic that attracted me and the programme highlights was simple:

1. My pregnancy affects my child's future health
2. Keeping fit and getting back into shape
3. Pregnancy grooming

I'm interested in all the 3 highlights especially 1st and 2nd. As the fee is only a mere RM10 for Mamil Mama members which includes a goodie bag worth RM200 and hi-tea to boot, no losses for attending although I may have heard all that they are going to speak about since I did attend at least two of such forum during my pregnancy with Cavan.

the main goodie in the goodie bag ~ an OSIM uSnooze Massage Wrap

The venue is also good coz it's held at KL Hilton!! and for the price I'm paying you get KL Hilton's hi-tea :) There's activities for children above 2 years old, thus it's just perfect that Cavan can tag along since it's on a Saturday, July 18th. Registered for hubby as he can take care of Cavan if he refuse to be left alone with others kids and at the same time can enjoy the hi-tea.

the live orchestra before and after the forum

Luckily this forum starts mid afternoon and I'm able to sleep in on a Saturday morning especially after a tiring night catching up with friends over vegetarian dinner. 1st topic delivered by Dr. S Raman is very intereting on genetics. Am impressed with his vast experience. The topic on nutrition is a bit dull but what do you expect when nutritionist starts talking about healthy food! 2nd topic was a fast one on keeping fit, getting back into shape. Bottomline, need to be discipline and exercise!!! The 3rd is nothing spectacular, just a fashion show by Modern Mum.

We were able to sit thru the whole forum while Cavan enjoyed himself with the activities lined up in a different room. They had sand art, coloring, Barney show, balloons sculptures cum magic show, etc.. Too bad I cant stay long in the room and take pictures there.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves and yes the hi-tea had a great spread!! :) As the forum ended slightly after 5pm, we didnt even have any dinner that night as we were all still full from the hi-tea.

This would be my last time attending such public forum for pregnant ladies...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vegetarian Gathering

I seem to be blogging a week after attending events...but it's better late than never!

We decided to go vegetarian this round for our gathering and choose a vegetarian restaurant "Ling Chi" in Metro Prima Kepong. Foodwise ok, maybe I was extremely hungry as we only started our dinner around 8.45pm. Towards the end, one member still not here yet and when he finally arrives at 9.30pm he brought his girlfriend and the dishes that we "kept" for him is insufficient thus he ordered butter prawns and we got our chance to taste another dish! :)

Asam fish, baby kailan, curry mutton, stir fry lotus dish, beancurd and mushroom

butter prawns

After dinner, proceeded to Station 1 Cafe nearby for drinks and to celebrate Sandy's birthday (month of July) and since we dont really come out that often to celebrate each other's birthday, we got another slice of cake for my hubby (month of August). Thus it became a gathering plus simple birthday celebration for two!
I found Station 1 Cafe too noisy for me as baby in tummy kept on moving about which makes me sit rather uncomfortably. My energy for that day totally drained off and by the time we reached home it was midnite. Changed and settled Cavan for bed and once my head touched the pillows I'm off to dreamland myself!

There's talk to have another gathering before I go into prison (confinement) mode. Hope this time the gathering takes place much earlier as my physical body now at 7 months+ pregnant can't take these kind of long days anymore...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teppanyaki Ice-Cream Anyone?

Nowadays there's all sort of name to attract you to try something that has been here ages and known very simply as Ice-Cream.

During our weekend outing, we stumbled across this Teppanyaki Ice-cream durian flavour. Actually, it's the durian that caught lil' Cavan's attention not the teppanyaki style. To him ice-cream is just well ice-cream!!

So we ordered one scoop of this teppanyaki durian ice-cream for him which cost RM4 (on promo now). Normal price is RM6+

This is how they teppan style the ice cream. Take some of the ice-cream from the heap on the cold plate.

Scrap it about ie. cook it and spread it thinly and evenly across the cold plate. Once satisfied....

Gather is all together again. Note that it's now not just a heap, but rather a delightful look of thinly scrapped ice-cream flakes.

Place it in the cup and voila! you have your teppanyaki ice-cream! cooked right in front of you minus the smoke!! :p

And here is lil' Cavan enjoying his ice-cream, teppan style!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Tag...

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS. Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it!

Repost it for 10 of your LUCKY friends.

1. Beer : Gives me bloated tummy
2. Food : Yummy, tasty
3. Relationships : In it...
4. Crush : Cannot d..
5. Power Rangers : Not my type of cartoon
6. Life : There's always ups and downs
7. The President : Not called President in my country
8. Yummy : Food
9. Car : Has one
10. Movie : When I have time to really sit and watch
11. Halloween : Not a culture to have Halloween party here
12. Sex : = gender
13. Religion : Diverse in this country
14. Hate : Cant think of any...
15. Fear : Having fear attack on labour these days..
16. Marriage : Once is ENOUGH!
17. Blondes : Yet to meet one who's dumb?
18. Slippers : Casual
19. Shoes : Formal
20.Asians : Petite and friendly
21.Pass time : Rest, TV, reading, daydreaming, etc..
22.One night stand : Nay..
23.My cell Phone : Still in good condition
24.Smoke : Fire??
25.Fantasy : Only in fairy tales..
26.College : Attended
27.High school life : Ok loh
28.Pyjamas : Something comfy
29.Stars : Twinkle twinkle little stars?
30.Center : = middle
31.Alcohol : Depends what type
32.The word love : Loving!
33.Friends : Great companion
34.Money : Need it to survive in this materialistic world!
35.Heartache : Nil so far
36.Time : Chasing after it
37.Divorce : Not me and dont wish it to be!!
38.Dogs : Cutie especially Shinzu
39.Undies : ???
40.Parents : Great and understanding.. :)
41.Babies : one is on the way soon :p
42.Ex : ex as in ex-tra, ex-traordinary, etc.. ???
43.Song : Depending on mood which song is airing
44.Color : Rainbow, striking, pastel
45.Weddings : Love em!
46.Pizza : Nice but fattening
47.Hangout : A cafe which has a nice surrounding, cozy..
48.Rest : Whenever I can
49.Goal : Achieve a lifestyle with no worries watsoever
50.Inspiration : Leaders that make their marks especially those that came from pitiful background

If you're interested, just grab the tag!

Friday, July 03, 2009

MeeHoon Kueh aka Pan Mee

Sudden craving of homemade meehoon kueh got me getting all the necessary stuff. Kneaded the dough the night before and my mum helped me to cook the rest of the ingredients while I was at work.

We had this for dinner yesterday and it's so so yummy!!

credits : Shabby Princess's Happy Go Lucky & Promise Collection Kit

Have I tempted you enough? :)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nature's Work

My parent's ex-neighbour planted a tree and it grew and bore fruits. The house has been vacant for quite sometime and yesterday went I was there, the tree has been cut down by the new buyer who will be moving in soon.

Nothing spectacular about this tree but take a look at this. The tree grows between the fencing!!

Closer look here and you can see how the tree manipulated itself around the fence.

Another view. Really amazing how it just grow in between the fence.

And this is the fruit the tree bears. Dont know the name but eaten it before as pickled fruit.

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