Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kuantan ~ Cherating Day 1

School's out and we went to the East Cost for a break.

We started our journey around 10am on a beautiful Saturday morning. The weather was nice throughout the whole day. The road heading to East Coast was really really long and straight! Did not dare to speed as we know there's bound to be speed trap along the way and we were right as we spotted the police officer sitting and zooming his camera at the cars.

We arrived Kuantan town and headed straight to Teluk Cempedak for lunch. We scouted for Restaurant Hoi Yin which is said to serve the best curry mee. My verdict, it's just so-so, normal bowl of curry mee. 2 bowls + 2 drinks = RM9.60.

Proceeded to walk around the beach. Did not stay long as Cavan kept asking for his stuff to start playing by the beach. Seeing sand to him it's like seeing gold! There's a lure of the sand asking him to come come sit and play... hahaha..

Since we still need some travelling time to get to our hotel, we left Kuantan town and headed to Cherating. By the time we check into Impiana, it's almost 3.30pm. Unloaded our stuff and rested. We headed to the beach with pail, digger, spade, etc.. and a boy who's practically jumping up and down in his happiness and eagerness to hit the beach and water.
Next up was the swimming pool after cleaning oneself from all the sand. As we did not bring out Cavan's swimming ring, the stay in the pool was not long. Good as well coz we planned to drive out early to check out dinner locations.

We went to Pantai Cherating (6-7 km South from our Hotel) and spotted only one decent Restaurant, Restaurant Duyong which to us looks cut throatting. No other choices, we continued our journey South and spotted Restaurant Peninsula (right beside Legend Cherating) and Golden Beach Restaurant (opposite Restaurant Peninsula). From reviews we read before, Restaurant Peninsula serves chinese and western food while Golden Beach serves steamboat and seafood. Golden Beach was closed that day thus we settled for Restaurant Peninsula. Me and hubby actually ate here before when we stayed in Legend Cherating about 6 years ago.

Our dinner comprises of sizzling taufu, beansprout with salted fish, fried chicken ala India and stir fried garlic lala. Together with our drinks - 1 coconut, 1 lime juice and a pack prawn cracker, total came up to RM36. Crowd started to trickle in, all KL cars. Guess not much restaurant choice to choose from thus most ended up in the same place :)

On our way back to the hotel, we packed 10 sticks of chicken satay (RM4). Not bad. Even Cavan had 4 sticks of it!

By 10pm all three of us are already in dreamland....zzzzzzz.....


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