Saturday, June 20, 2009

I loikee Krispy Kreme!!!

Finally Krispy Kreme @ Mid Valley open it doors on Thursday, June 18th.

Heard that the donuts here, the original glazed donut tastes much much better than Big Apple or JCO. Been eyeing Krispy Kreme wondering when it's gonna open since the outlet in Berjaya Times Square has opened.

Got my chance today. After work went and bought a dozen assorted donuts...

The original glazed no doubt is sweet but I like the texture. It's unlike the other two donuts shop which has a softer texture. This is a bit rough. The assorted flavours donut is not as good as the other two shops but I like it as it's not too sweet.

Nontheless, I will go for Krispy Kreme again :) but nothing will beat the traditional donut with sugar on it.. Traditional donut - anytime anywhere!!


graceelaine said...

wah.. yum! i'm going midvalley tomorrow.. might just drop by KK ;)

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