Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happee 11th Bee-Day Nicolle!

7 June 2009 marks my niece Nicolle's 11th birthday. Wow, time really flies. This also meant that it has been 11 years since we move from Kepong Baru to Bukit Rahman Putra!

We had a simple celebration for her a day earlier. Nicolle wanted to have a big birthday bash but our house cannot accommodate everyone thus settled for just family and close friends. Menu consists of BBQ meats, pasta and salads.

Cavan like to follow her around. I still remember when Nicolle found out the gender when I was with Cavan. She was so angry that I'm not carrying a baby girl. However all things change when Cavan was born. Both of them are very close now. Nicolle is able to assist to take care of him in changing diaper, taking bath etc.. when Cavan was younger. She's very "motherly" :) Nowadays, you can hear them argue (yep, a 3+ year old boy arguing with a 11 year old!!) on days that both do not give in to each other.

Come next year, Nicolle will turn 12 years old. A step to teenage years and in the eyes of the law, an adult!

Happy Birthday Nicolle dearie...


alamanda said...

had a nice time and the food was yummy too . Tahun depan lagi ah !!!

Soulie said...

Send my birthday wish to Nicole! Hugs and kisses from me :)

Grace said...

wow! so much food hehehe.. yeah, nicolle sure has grown pretty fast! send my wishes to her :-)

caffelatte/caffeaulait said...

Girls..sugar n' spice everythings nicee! Happy Birthday Nicole!! Have a great birthday. Muahh!
- luv from piu cheh

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