Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cherating ~ Chukai ~ KL Day 3

Birds chirping, seabreeze and swaying coconut trees...

Our itinerary today is simple. We had our breakfast then headed to the pool. Stayed there till 11ish before packing up and check-out.

As planned yesterday, we went to Chukai Restaurant Tong Juan for stuffed crab. Ordered fried rice (RM15), 2 pieces of stuffed crab (RM9) and loh hon chai (RM8). Found it quite expensive.

We bought lekor kukus (raw) which cost RM0.50 per piece and RM9 worth of satar (30 pieces) to bring back home on our way back. Instead of going back to Kuantan town, we decided to head straight back to KL since Cavan has already fallen asleep even before we were out of Chukai town. He actually slept throughout the whole journey right until my parents doorstep!!

The drive back was sceneryless as the road is very straight and long plus the weather is not helping. It's hot and glaring. After passing two R&R's, hubby stopped and wanted a nap before continuing. Instead of wasting time, I went and refresh myself and took over the wheels and drove right until we reached Karak Highway before hubby after his short nap feeling more refreshed now took over.

All in all, we had an enjoyable time in Cherating. A relaxing retreat from the Big City waking up to the sounds of birds chirping ~ blissful :)


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