Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cherating ~ Chukai Day 2

Buzz-Buzz-Buzz. The alarm rang and we woke up to the sound of birds chirping and a bright sunny day ahead. Truly refresh from a good nights' sleep for everyone :)

Got ready and headed to Kedai Kopi for our breakfast.

A stroll in the hotel's ground and we headed out to the Turtle Sanctuary (next to Club Med). Saw big and small turtles swimming around in their pool. Hubby brought Cavan to the nesting ground while I stayed back in the car coz the heat is too much for me. Did not see any turtle eggs as it was buried in the sand. It was turtle landing season and to have a chance to see turtle lay eggs, one needs to standby at the beach from 9pm to 2am.

We continued our exploration and headed to Chukai, Kemaman (North of Impiana) to look for Restaurant Tong Juan said to be famous for it's stuffed crab and Hai Peng coffeeshop, famous for it's aromatic coffee and nasi dagang.

Coconut break by the roadside on the way to Chukai, Kemaman

Located Restaurant Tong Juan which is opposite the riverfront in Bandar Chukai. Decided that we will come and have our lunch here before heading back to KL the next day. Next up would be Hai Peng coffeeshop and we spotted the tall white building which is located at the busy corner of Jalan Sulaimani. Still full from our breakfast, we went and explored Pantai Teluk Mak Nik aka D'Monica Bay. Nothing much here except for stalls selling keropoks and lekor.

We bought 500g of keropok ikan tamban (RM9), 500g of keropok sotong (RM7), a bottle of keropok dip (RM3) and freshly fried lekor (RM2) all under the name of Cap Bubu. Besides keropok ikan tamban, there are other varieties like ikan parang available. There's so many small home industrial brand that you can find in Cherating and Kemaman. We also bought satar, 10 for RM3.

Went back to Hai Peng for a light lunch. The shop is crowded! In the middle there's a table for you to grab pre-packed nasi lemak, nasi dagang, meehoon, etc... We ordered 2 toasted kaya buns, 2 half boil eggs, 1 ice coffee, 1 lime twister and 1 choco lava if I remembered the name correctly. I tried their nasi dagang and did not find it to my taste. Hubby liked it though. The drinks are lovely. The ice coffee is very aromatic and comes in a plastic cup that are sealed on top. Very hygenic. The lime twister is a good way to cool down and you'll see mint flakes in it which Cavan enjoyed. The choco lava that I had came with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and whip cream on top. Nice and drinking it alone made me full.

Back to the hotel, nap awhile and explored the other wing of the hotel's ground where we spotted a very friendly goat and a small kampung house for the kids to play that has a swing hanging from a tree beside it before heading to the beach and pool again.

This time we stayed quite long by the beach building so called "sand castle", catching tiny hermit crabs? and basically just enjoying the seabreeze. This round Cavan had his swimming ring with him and thoroughly enjoyed going from the adult pool to the children pool and back to the adult pool.

7pm by the time daddy and Cavan got out from the pool. Back to our room, wash up and headed out to Chukai again for our dinner of Ikan Bakar (earlier in the day, we spotted rows of Ikan Bakar behind a Bus Station before turning into Pantai Mak Nik).

We ordered a Ikan Tamban (RM20) and a squid (RM13.50) to be cooked "bakar" style and a plate of fried kailan with salted fish. Total bill came up to RM46 with rice and 2 drinks. Food is okay, not bad but the service is poor, really poor. Cant handle crowd of more than 3 tables is all I could say. Imagine finishing your plate of rice with only the ikan tamban and squid served. The vege and drinks? Nowhere to be seen and it took ages to get their attention before finally our plate of vege and drinks arrived.

Almost 10pm by the time we've done with our dinner. Cavan wanted to have more satar thus we drove back to the stall where we bought earlier but it was closed. He then requested for satay but on the way he fell asleep and we just headed back to the hotel knowing that he's really tired and would not have any supper later.

These are the activities for Day 2. One more day to go before heading back to the big city.


Grace said...

wah... so fun! i haven't been to that side of Malaysia for so long...

life-muses said...

you've been busy crossing seas and oceans :)

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